Fusion CX Analytics product tour

A unified CX analytics solution to accelerate revenue transformation

Start fast with a prebuilt CX analytics solution

Cross-departmental analysis from day one with a prebuilt CX analytics solution

Leverage ready-to-use, connected insights from trusted numbers across marketing, sales, and service. Learn how in this interactive tour of Oracle Fusion CX Analytics.

Manage pipeline and prioritize deals based on projected revenue

Manage pipeline and prioritize deals with analytics-driven decisions


Measure and monitor best practice KPIs and trends, calculate pipeline growth or shrinkage, and determine if projected velocity supports current objectives.

Analyze your current and historical sales pipeline to uncover new data patterns for better decision-making.

Delve into what drives win-loss outcomes and draw conclusions faster

Analyze factors behind win-loss outcomes and make faster decisions


Determine how long it takes to win or lose a deal, quantify the amount of time spent in each stage of the sales cycle, and identify which sales reps are succeeding and why. Draw conclusions faster and make proactive business decisions to improve team performance and win rates.

Identify which leads are most likely to become opportunities

Measure lead quality and conversion rates for a healthy pipeline


Understand where the best leads come from and what makes them likely to convert. Drive higher conversion rates with more effective nurture programs.

Learn what drives team performance and generates the most revenue

Determine the impact of sales activities on revenue generation


Understand which activities consume the most time and their impact on team and individual results. Improve coaching and compensation plans to better support and incentivize team members.

Optimize contract processes for an exceptional customer experience

Optimize quoting processes for an exceptional customer experience


Examine quotes and conversion rates for a deeper understanding of the customer experience from the start. Manage expectations and adjust processes as needed for a smoother contracting period, setting the foundation for a more effective retention strategy.

Monitor subscription business through account-based revenue metrics

Monitor subscription business with revenue metrics and past trends


Analyze account usage and payment history to identify the most active customers as part of a subscription strategy. Intervene and engage earlier when a customer seems at risk of churn. Understand the factors influencing renewal rate of subscription services for more accurate forecasts.

Demonstrate campaign impact with more accurate revenue attribution

Demonstrate campaign impact and ROI with accurate revenue attribution


Tie specific campaigns to pipeline and potential revenue creation. Understand true campaign costs and ROI for accurate planning and forecasting.

Compare and evaluate campaign effectiveness

Compare and evaluate campaign effectiveness


Quickly identify which campaigns, messages, and channels generate the greatest number of qualified leads, opportunities, and sales. Repeat or improve successful campaigns with the most impact on revenue.

Analyze activities that affect account-based marketing strategies

Identify optimal channels for lead generation and velocity

Marketing and sales

Discover where your highest-value prospects are coming from to fast-track the MQL-to-SQL handoff. Understand which leads are most likely to convert and prioritize high-value accounts earlier.

Align customer satisfaction with revenue goals

Align customer service quality and satisfaction with revenue goals


Discover which key service metrics correlate to higher customer satisfaction. Uncover patterns in both service activity and customer engagement to identify which accounts are at risk of churn and which accounts are primed for a renewal or upsell.

Accelerate revenue generation across the buyer-to-customer journey

Measure the impact of a connected CX strategy on revenue generation


Combine marketing, sales, and service data to promote a seamless customer experience from lead to contract through renewal. Understand which accounts need additional support or find potential references. Discover and nurture opportunities for upsell or cross-sell before the renewal process begins.

Leverage all data, regardless of department

Leverage all data, regardless of department

Include additional data sources

Unite CX data from every application or source for trusted numbers across the board. Connect to cloud data sources or import external files for secure, governed analysis.

Generate more accurate predictions from blended data

Generate more accurate predictions from blended data

Machine learning

Discover new connections and patterns with one click through built-in machine learning. Examine datasets and automatically create a visualization from all available metrics and attributes. Enable anyone to better predict outcomes.