Project analytics product tour

Leverage ready-to-use insights to better understand project financials and performance

Project Analytics KPIs view

Review the health of your project at any time with out-of-the box KPIs

Leverage prebuilt KPIs to better understand project financial performance and profitability by analyzing project costs, revenue, and margins. Learn how in this interactive tour of project analytics, a key prebuilt capability of Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics.

Financial Performance Analysis view

Get an overview of project financial performance

Financial performance analysis

Gain insight into project financials to identify at-risk projects and monitor budget overruns. Quickly determine the cause of the problem and take action to get the project back on track.

Project Budget Cost Variance Analysis view

Continuously monitor budget variances throughout the project lifecycle

Budget cost variance analysis

As projects progress, identify at-risk projects and start corrective actions early by comparing budgeted costs with actuals. Analyze the variance between original and current versions of approved cost budget.

Project Margin view

Quickly recognize deviations from forecasts

Forecast margin analysis

Easily compare the current forecast margin with the original forecast and make necessary adjustments in costs, revenue, expenses, resources, and commitments to reach project goals.

Project Revenue Analysis view

Get timely insights on project-driven revenue trends and billing

Revenue analysis

Maximize revenue growth with detailed understanding of revenue trends and segment into top customers, project organizations, and projects.

Project Forecast Margin Analysis view

Easily evaluate project margins by analyzing trends and variances

Margin analysis

Stay informed by analyzing project margin trends by time, project manager, project organization, and by quickly drilling down to project details.

Project Contract Analysis view

Gain visibility over project contracts and fundings

Contract analysis

Easily identify unallocated and backlogged contracts. Track contract amount, funding amount, and other changes to the funding throughout the lifecycle of the project across contracts, projects, tasks, customers, organizations, etc.

Project Invoice Analysis view

Improve cash flow with a better understanding of project billing

Invoice analysis

Analyze external, inter-project, and inter-company invoices across customers, contracts, projects, tasks, organizations, resources, etc.

Project Cost Analysis view

Improve controls over project costs and expenses

Costs analysis

Proactively make project cost adjustments by quickly assessing the impact of costs on margins and budgets. Uncover cost drivers by visually identifying variances across projects, tasks, and resources with the ability to drill down easily to granular details. See trends for burdened costs, raw costs, and burden costs, including inception-to-date and year-to-date.

Account Analysis by Project view

Drill into revenue and cost distributions at account-level details

Costs accounting analysis

See summary and detailed views of all accounted project revenue and cost distributions by GL account, project costing, tasks, organizations, resources, and suppliers with prebuilt analysis and metrics. Identify unaccounted distributions for investigation.

Project Cost and Commitment Analysis view

Understand the outstanding project commitments

Commitment analysis

Explore outstanding obligations on future expenditures across organizations, projects, tasks, resources, and periods. Analyze with prebuilt metrics for raw and burdened amounts for requisitions, purchase orders, transfer orders, and supplier invoices.

Project Asset Analysis view

Track capitalizable and retirement costs

Asset analysis

Review asset details and asset assignments to projects and tasks as well as the amounts charged to various accounts.

Projects and HCM Time and Labor Analysis view

Gain an integrated view of projects with finance, HR, and operations

Cross-departmental analysis

Get connected project insights with a single, analytical, and extensible data model across the Oracle Fusion Analytics portfolio that increases visibility of your project data into finance, HR, supply chain, and sales. Quickly identify relationships by analyzing Oracle Cloud Application data such as time cards, sales orders, and inventory transactions with project attributes.

Easily include third-party data in your project analysis. Connect to cloud data sources or import external files for secure, governed analysis.

Project-Driven Supply Chain Analysis view

Quickly find correlations in your project-driven supply chain

Cross-departmental analysis

Analyze your supply chain processes in the context of projects in combination with Fusion SCM (Supply Chain Management) Analytics.

Project, tasks, and expenditure attributes can be used to segregate and value the inventory and support project-specific transactions that are based on rules in the inventory, shipping, and receiving applications.

Project attributes can be used to analyze supply chain execution documents, such as purchase requisition, purchase order, and sales order.

Revenue by month and revenue category view

Ask and receive project-based visual insights using voice or text

Voice-driven visualizations

Get the answers you need from any device anywhere, anytime by typing, texting, or verbally asking questions, such as “show my budget variance for this month”—for a fast, visual answer.

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