Manufacturing Analytics product tour

Understand and optimize production and quality with prebuilt analytics

Overview section view

Gain a holistic view of your work orders

Get a summary-level analysis of your work order performance, easily identify trends in manufacturing cycle times, and find out the root cause of deviations that impact yield with ready-to-use KPIs.

Quality section view

Drill down to the core reasons behind product quality issues

Anyone can visually monitor day-to-day product quality by tracking patterns of scrapped, returned, cancelled, and reworked items and easily analyze its cause and effect on wastage.

Mobile view

Give everyone visibility into work order status, right at their fingertips

From shop floor workers to executives, anyone can use speech- or text-triggered queries to get answers related to work order status and quickly share visual insights with stakeholders through any device—anywhere, anytime.

Stages section view

Keep track of manufacturing production all every stage of the process

Identify bottlenecks across manufacturing stages that could disrupt work order schedules. Easily drill down to the stages that are impacting production and rectify the root cause.

Inventory section view

Optimize inventory to better manage production backlogs

Continuously monitor inventory patterns to mitigate the risks of part backlogs. Manage demand and supply by visually tracking the movement of inventory and related valuation. Prevent downtime by easily finding replacements for parts when needed.

Supplier section view

Monitor supplier performance with multiple internal and external metrics

Proactively determine if supplier performance will impact production goals. Select the right suppliers by seamlessly combining internal and external data to analyze the quality of a supplier, on-time delivery trends, and external ESG metrics.

Costing section view

Demonstrate the impact of production cost on profitability

Easily understand how the cost of materials and inventory impacts manufacturing margins. Quickly recognize cost drivers and deviant trends across your organization.

IT/OT data view

Establish the right maintenance strategy with convergent IT/OT data

Gain a unified view of IT/OT data to identify the root cause of variances in production processes and mitigate future risks. Easily understand downtime causes and how equipment availability impacts production across various locations.

Planning section view

Continuously optimize plan-to-produce with an integrated view

Quickly pivot production plans by analyzing disruptive trends, such as at-risk demand, material shortages, and inventory stockouts.

Cross-departmental section view

Leverage cross-departmental insights to streamline the planning process

Gain connected insights to inform manufacturing plans with unified data across procurement, inventory, financials, fulfilment, and sales.

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