Oracle Innovation and Leadership

For more than four decades, Oracle has delivered innovation upon which entire industries have been built. Here are some facts and figures that highlight the many ways that we continue to deliver that innovation to our customers, partners, and communities.

  • Scale

    • 430,000 customers in 175 countries
    • More than US$72B in R&D since FY2012
    • US$110B+ spent on more than 150 acquisitions
    • 20,000 partners across the globe
    • 164,000 employees
    • 18,000 customer support and service specialists, speaking 29 languages
    • 30,000 implementation consultants
  • Innovation

    • World’s first and only autonomous database
    • Industry’s broadest and deepest suite of cloud applications
    • Holds nearly 19,000 patents worldwide
    • 47,000 developers and engineers
    • 5 million registered members of Oracle’s customer and developer communities
    • 469 independent user communities in 97 countries representing more than 1 million members

Social Impact