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Oracle Adaptive Intelligence for Sales

Identify and direct sales teams to opportunities with the highest win probabilities, accelerate deals, and improve sales conversion rates. Oracle Adaptive Intelligence for Sales delivers AI-enabled, in-the-moment sales force automation intelligence using first-party client data plus dynamic, trusted company data from Oracle DataFox Data Management.

Oracle Sales Responsive Selling Product Tour

See how Oracle Sales can help your sales team sell more, more quickly.

Explore AI for Sales

Intelligent account planning

Account prioritization

Rank your target universe for a more focused approach to prospecting and customer development. With Oracle DataFox Data Management, statistical models rank prospects keeping you focused on businesses with the highest potential. The transparent model provides account scoring criteria and is customizable to suit your needs and changing business initiatives.

Total addressable market (TAM) expansion

Uncover new opportunities in your total addressable market (TAM) with filtered, AI-curated data. Use machine learning to create an ideal customer profile (ICP) to identify similar companies in Datafox’s database. Then bring qualified prospect data into Oracle Sales for business and account planning.

Account enrichment

Enrich CRM data records and learn more about your customers (PDF) with AI-derived company data points and dynamic updates and alerts. Set up alerts to stay aware of events impacting your prospects and customers.

Data-driven lead prioritization

AI-enhanced lead scoring

Prioritize sales leads and improve forecasting accuracy using AI and data-driven lead probability scores. Our data science model leverages customer attributes, sales activities, pipeline stages, and historical sales outcome data to objectively generate lead probability scores.

Lead activity effectiveness analysis

AI analyzes historical data to assess whether current leads are the appropriate type and flow at the right cadence. Automatically alert reps and managers when leads need attention to keep them progressing. Reps can see where they will have the greatest impact on new business and can spend more time on lead nurturing. Managers are able to help proactively.

Opportunity analysis and guided selling

Opportunity win probability

Give your sales team the intelligence needed to adjust performance and forecasting before it’s too late. Leverage historical close data and machine learning to predict the probability of successfully closing opportunities and look for mismatches between the analysis and the salesperson’s estimation. In case of a mismatch, the application displays a warning icon and provides insight into the possible issues.

Opportunity recommended actions

Use AI-backed recommended next best actions to guide your sales reps on how to resolve issues, boost win probability scores, and improve the chances of winning deals. With recommended actions, your sales reps have clear guidance on what actions are most likely to eliminate risk and win more business.

Sales insights for opportunity effectiveness

Know why opportunities or deals have stalled before it’s too late. Use AI to analyze your company’s data to determine the ideal sales activity level—sales tasks, appointments, meetings, email—for specific opportunities. Automatically flag an opportunity in need of more attention and provide a detailed analysis of why it’s at risk and how to correct course.

Strategic account management

Sales insights for account engagement

Use AI to monitor sales engagement levels and touchpoints across all accounts, including activities related to leads, opportunities, and service requests. Identify accounts that are growing cold and automatically alerts sales reps and managers to the situation. Machine learning helps uncover and pinpoint any dormant accounts with the potential for new business or re-engagement. It also proactively scans active accounts for potential risk so all related leads and opportunities keep moving forward.

Smart talking points

Monitor news on prospects and identify when they achieve any key company milestones that you care about. These highly relevant signals are displayed in your CRM, and a set of smart talking points are provided to sales reps for more productive conversations. Dozens of real-time data alerts and signals, powered by Oracle DataFox, help sellers identify opportunities as they arise and have more relevant business discussions with prospects.

Broadcom manages soaring growth

Manage soaring growth

The semiconductor and software company turned to Oracle to manage a diverse customer mix after major acquisitions.

Read the story

Key benefits—AI and sales

Improve rep productivity to close more deals

Help your sales teams understand which sales leads offer the greatest potential and/or need attention, so they can prioritize and protect their time. Provide next best actions to ensure that opportunities stay on track, stay in the pipeline, and close.

How to help your sellers sell more with AI

Blog: Master the new science of sales

Drive highly effective sales engagement

Use a CRM infused with trusted, AI-sourced company data and real-time intelligence, including firmographic data points and signals, smart talking points, and next best actions that make reps too relevant for customers to ignore.

How clean and enriched data drives better engagements (PDF)

Provide your organization with the right tools (1:30)

Maximize revenue

Analyze sales engagement effectiveness, scan for potential risk at deals in progress, and course correct to ensure that everything stays on track. Uncover and create new revenue streams by pinpointing accounts that are dormant but have the potential for new business.

How AI-enabled insights can make your accounts more profitable

Increase conversion rates

Identify the best opportunities and focus on those high-quality accounts with a data-driven account scoring framework.

Blog: Make your CRM smarter

Improve CRM adoption and data discipline

Better sales intelligence leads to better CRM data which positively impacts quota and sales compensation, so reps will keep coming back.

Blog: What every sales rep wants in a CRM


Connecting Customer Experiences with Artificial Intelligence

Monica Thong, Solution Engineer, Oracle CX

When you can focus on noticing your customer's purchasing signals, you experience an approach Oracle calls responsive selling—providing the right value in the right moment in the right channel to every buyer.

Read the complete post

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Cloud readiness

Release readiness

Get up to speed on the latest releases of Oracle Adaptive Intelligence for Sales and ensure that your upgrade is successful. Review the latest features including the AI-enabled innovations, capability overviews, business benefits, set up considerations, and usage tips.



Oracle offers a wide range of documentation, videos, and tutorials that will help you learn more about Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Customer Experience. You'll find all of these resources and more in the Oracle Help Center.

Cloud learning

Develop your sales cloud skills

Oracle University provides a variety of learning solutions to help you build cloud skills, validate expertise, and accelerate adoption. Learn more about the training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization’s success.

Customer community

Cloud Customer Connect

Cloud Customer Connect is Oracle's premier online cloud community. Specifically designed for peer collaboration, best practice sharing, and to provide needed tools for members so they can keep pace with product strategy. In addition, members are able to provide feedback on sales cloud, marketing cloud, and service cloud solutions—directly to Oracle development.

Support and services

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Power innovation with innovative partner applications and services. Find the most comprehensive list of sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud applications in Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Consulting and partner services

Best practices

CRM best practices

Customer relationship management (CRM) software manages your customer relationships. It goes beyond contact management and sales force automation. It’s a comprehensive set of cloud solutions—AI-enabled sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud and customer data platform (CDP)—that supports every step in your customer’s journey.

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