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Business-Centric Modeling

From casual to power users, on premises or in the cloud, anyone can go from complex financial modeling to creating easy-to-understand visualizations thanks to Oracle Essbase.

Essbase screenshot
Designed for Business Users

Unleash Powerful Data Visibility and Insights

Whether on premises or in the cloud, bring advanced analytics processing directly to your users. Oracle Essbase enables your users to create complex financial models and innovative, easy-to-understand visualizations. A single click is all it takes to go from Excel to multidimensional models. Test assumptions, create and experiment in a sandbox environment, or generate simple scenario workflows. With Oracle Essbase, detailed analysis of pentabytes of data is possible for up-to-the-minute, dependable information.

Product Features

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What-If Analysis

  • Develop and manage analytics applications that can forecast likely business performance levels—quickly and easily
  • Perform what-if analyses for varying conditions

Highly Advanced Calculation Engine

  • Includes more than 350 prebuilt, out-of-the-box functions
  • Accelerates complex business model development
  • Requires only a single point of maintenance to manage data and business rules

Deep Insights and Advanced Modeling

  • Move beyond silos of data and disconnected spreadsheets for reporting and analysis
  • Support a large user community with access to very large data sets
  • Rapidly discover and highlight trends in very large data sets
  • Develop, maintain, and report from highly dimensional models

Open, Scalable, and Secure

    • Enables detailed analysis of terabytes of data for thousands of simultaneous users, providing up-to-the-minute, dependable information
Forecast in the Cloud

The Power of Oracle Essbase in the Cloud

Oracle Essbase is widely recognized as the industry's leading multidimensional online analytical processing engine (MOLAP) for on-premises management. Now, Oracle Essbase brings these features and abilities into a cloud environment. With push-button simplicity, all analytics users can be empowered with rich enterprise functionality and the connectivity and scalability delivered by the cloud.

Use Any Data and Any Cloud Application

Use Any Data and Any Cloud Application

  • Ingest and harmonize spreadsheets
  • Collate and manage disparate data inputs
  • Leverage many other Oracle Cloud data sources and external sources
Design, Manage, and Scale in the Cloud

Design, Manage, and Scale in the Cloud

  • Lift and shift data from your on-premises applications to Oracle Essbase Cloud Service
  • Accelerate provisioning and deployment timeframes with an immediately available environment
  • Provide consistency and sharing of models across the organization
From Excel to Essbase Cloud—in Under a Minute

From Excel to Essbase Cloud—in Under a Minute

  • Automatically create a ready-to-use business model—no IT skills required
  • Support more users by providing access to larger data sets
  • Move beyond data silos and upload spreadsheets in seconds

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