What Is Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)?

Creating the future calls for people with different backgrounds, abilities, and ways of thinking. That’s why, as a technology leader, we embrace diversity in all its forms. In fact, we don’t just respect differences, we celebrate them. We truly believe innovation starts with inclusion, which is why we’re committed to creating a workplace where all kinds of people can do their best work and succeed without barriers.

When everyone’s voice is heard—and valued—we’re inspired to go beyond what’s been done before. So if you ever find yourself wondering why diversity is important, just remember: It makes our teams stronger and our ideas better. The best part? You can unlock endless possibilities just by being you.

Diversity & Inclusion—Bring your whole self to work

How do you know if where you work is inclusive? You can be yourself and feel like you belong—complete, authentic, genuine you. After all, you shouldn’t have to put yourself on mute from Monday to Friday just because you’re at work. Here, we want to get to know the real you. That way you’re free to use every part of what makes you unique to solve problems and create solutions. And that’s what brings value to our customers, and our company.

Connecting communities and empowering employees

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) give a voice to the diverse communities that make up who we are as a company. They give everyone a chance to be part of something bigger—and feel like they belong.

Affinity groups

Employees naturally come together around many common interests, hobbies, and experiences. We have a diverse range of affinity groups around the world that create a culture of belonging for all. Got a passion for something? Join the club! If it doesn’t already exist, this is your chance to bring people together. With more than 136,000 employees to connect with, you’re sure to find your tribe.

Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence (ABLE)

Everyone deserves to work and live in a society that treats them as equals. ABLE members work together to enrich the careers of Black professionals at Oracle. We focus on inclusive recruitment, retention, and community engagement.

Hear about former pro football player Johnny, who used his winning attitude to become an Oracle leader, and discover how Raina is helping others grow as community leader for the Orlando Chapter of ABLE. In the video below Richard has found support in the company that leads to outreach in the community.

Generations of Leaders Organization (GLO)

We encourage collaboration across generations and promote inclusivity and learning in a thoughtful way that benefits all ages. We create a unified space for industry knowledge and engage the wider community through mentorship, community activism, and networking.

Hear GLO’s founding cochair, Cassie, reflect on the importance of generational harmony at work and in life.

Military Affiliated Veteran Employee Network (MAVEN)

MAVEN works to advance veteran careers and support military spouses in meaningful ways. Our resources for veterans include our Veteran Guidon Program that provides a mentor "Guide" to help them navigate their professional career at Oracle.

Hear how Adam has converted his Army experience into a consulting career and learn how Jo has turned her time in the Air Force into a launching pad for success in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure organization. Get advice from Renae, one of the first military spouses hired into the Oracle Veteran Internship program.

Oracle Diverse Abilities Network (ODAN)

We aim to create an open-hearted and accessible work environment for people of all abilities. We fulfill our mission through advocacy, outreach, and education. At Oracle we know that in order to tackle the world’s most important problems, our workforce needs to reflect the diversity of the billions of people who use our technology.

Find out what happened when Kelsie decided to share her invisible disability with her colleagues, and hear what Jon is doing to promote neurodiversity at work.

Oracle Pride Employee Network (OPEN)

We promote awareness and understanding of LGBTQ+ issues, provide a strong support network, and champion equality. At Oracle we’re proud to support and uplift the LGBTQ+ community at work and beyond. We believe that everyone—regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression—should be free to live authentically and feel like they belong.

Hear Anna reflect on what it means to be out and proud at work, and read some of our LGBTQ+ employees’ personal coming-out stories.

Oracle Latinos Alliance (OLA)

OLA nurtures the leadership abilities of our Hispanic employees. We help recruit Hispanic talent and engage the wider community in creating more opportunities for underrepresented minorities. At Oracle we’re committed to being a place that celebrates Hispanic culture, elevates Hispanic leaders, and increases opportunities for the wider Hispanic community.

Hear OLA’s coleader Katty reflect on the five biggest lessons she’s learned as a Hispanic woman in tech, and discover how Sam’s Hispanic heritage helps him build a genuine connection with customers.

Oracle Professional Asian Leadership (OPAL)

We help advance the professional development of our Asian community by raising cultural awareness and providing mentorship and networking opportunities. As a global company with a presence in 175 countries, we truly value the culturally diverse contributions of our Pan-Asian community. We’re committed to elevating Asian leaders so that everyone can reap the rewards of a more inclusive Oracle.

Read career advice from some of our Pan-Asian leaders, and discover how Aparna's love of traditional cooking complements her coding career.

Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL)

We develop, engage, and empower current and future generations of women leaders at Oracle. Women succeed at Oracle because of our inclusive culture, strong support, and great leadership opportunities. OWL can connect you with inspirational mentors and give you the tools to achieve your professional goals.

Hear how Mona started Saudi Arabia's first ever OWL community and read Kara’s advice for women who are trying to break into technology fields. In the video, you’ll hear women at Oracle explain what diversity and inclusion means to them.

How to champion equality at work

Hire a diverse workforce

We’re dedicated to hiring and retaining a workforce that reflects the cultural diversity of the world around us. We’re moving forward on our diversity journey by engaging with external diversity partners, tracking our progress, and holding leaders accountable.

Raise cultural awareness

We celebrate unique stories and diverse backgrounds every day, and we’re proud to mark our employees’ heritage with special celebrations throughout cultural holidays and heritage months. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues over food, dress, and special traditions that mean a lot to us.

Train employees against bias

Learning shouldn’t just be limited to career-related development. Unconscious bias training equips employees and recruiters with the skills to remove prejudice from the hiring process and teaches managers how to recognize it in decision-making. Learning, unlearning, and relearning must be a continuous process for all of us.

Share free STEM education

Oracle Academy provides free STEM education for millions of students around the world. Computing skills open the door to a wide variety of careers and opportunities. We offer resources and curricula that arm learners with hands-on experience that is leveling the playing field for young people who might not otherwise have access to STEM education.

Accommodations that level the playing field

Our aim is to empower all our employees to do their best work. We hold an Internal Accessibility Conference to make sure we’re offering everything they need to be successful. We offer disability inclusion programs such as interpreter services, access to support animals, and a disability resource guide which helps our employees learn about our specialized tools and accommodations.

Inclusive benefits

Our range of employee benefits is designed to enhance our employees’ lives and that of their families. In some countries we provide same-sex partner medical benefits, parental leave, transgender health benefits, and gender transition support.

Flexible working

Our teams are inclusive of everyone. Whether you’re raising a family, living with a disability, caring for a loved one, or simply passionate about your hobbies, we know that everyone has priorities outside of work. Flexible working and remote working give our employees the space and support to thrive at work while still making sure things are being looked after at home.

Creating accessible technologies for all

We’re dedicated to building products that everyone can use. As a leader in accessibility technology, we’re proud to share our advances in this field and help the technology industry understand how to integrate accessibility into the development process.

Equal opportunities

We believe in treating each employee and applicant for employment fairly and with dignity. We base our employment decisions on merit, experience, and potential without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

Our diversity and inclusion journey is ongoing

Accountability is essential when it comes to making progress on our diversity and inclusion goals. While we recognize that we still have a long way to go, sharing our diversity data is a key step on the road to change.

We also recognize that creating a truly inclusive workplace will be an ongoing journey, not a one-off destination. We’re always learning how to be more inclusive, which means there’s always more work to be done. Every day we’re making our workforce more representative of the world around us.

See our diversity data

Our inclusive culture is built on shared values

As a global company we operate all over the world. What unites us across countries and helps us achieve our goals is our shared values: integrity, mutual respect, teamwork, communication, innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, fairness, compliance, and ethics.

D&I—Partnering for Good

We collaborate with a large range of external diversity partners all over the world. We work together to bring about social change, further equality, elevate minorities, and support our communities.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Through scholarships and career development programs, AISES is increasing the representation of indigenous North American people in STEM.


The largest nonprofit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals in North America, Ascend’s mission is to enhance the influence and reach of pan-Asian business leaders.

Black Data Processing Associates

An international nonprofit that enables the upward mobility of African Americans and other minorities in IT and STEM fields.

Disability Matters

A global expert on effectively recruiting and supporting individuals with disabilities in the workplace as well as marketing to the disability community in the consumer space.

Grace Hopper

A nonprofit that connects, inspires, and guides women in computing and the organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

HACU is the only educational association that represents Hispanic-Serving Institutions in America. It helps thousands of young Hispanics with education and career development programs.

Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council

A premier Hispanic network for technology professionals, this organization focuses on building strong leaders, corporations, and role models for the digital age.

Human Rights Campaign

The biggest national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer civil rights organization, HRC works towards a world where + people can be themselves and be safe.

Information Technology Senior Management Forum

ITSMF increases the representation of Black professionals at senior levels by promoting career development and networking opportunities within the IT profession.

Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

This nonprofit promotes the independence and equality of visually impaired people through blindness-skills training and greater access to opportunities.

National Federation of the Blind

This oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind Americans provides resources to the visually impaired and removes barriers in the way of opportunity.

National Society of Black Engineers

One of the largest student-governed organizations in the US, NSBE’s mission is to increase the number of Black engineers who excel academically, professionally, and in the community.

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

This nonprofit is dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer workplace equality and building inclusive work environments.

Society of Hispanic Engineers

SHPE is the nation’s largest association dedicated to fostering Hispanic leadership in the STEM field. 

Society of Women Engineers

The world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology.


America’s minority education organization, UNCF invests resources in better futures for its students and, through their success, for all of us.

Women Who Code

An organization that inspires women to excel in their technology careers by building a global community of role models.

Employee stories bring people together

Stories are powerful tools that teach us how it feels to walk a mile in another’s shoes. Our employee blogs highlight personal struggles, career wins, life lessons, family life, and everything in between. It can be life-affirming to see people that look like you tell their success story. It can be equally eye-opening to listen to someone very different from you tell their story. We take pride in our people and the many walks of life that have shaped who they are today.