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Use of Oracle Recruiting is subject to the Oracle.com Terms of Use. Personal data (including, without limitation, data collected for background screening purposes and data collected from individuals acting as references) will be processed in accordance with the Oracle Recruiting Privacy Policy ("Policy"). Additional privacy notices may apply as part of the background screening process or if your interview is held by phone/online video conference or is recorded. By using Oracle Recruiting, you agree to your personal data and, as applicable, any personal data you submit on behalf of any individual from whom you have obtained consent to provide such personal data to Oracle ("Reference"), being processed in accordance with the Policy. If you or any Reference do not agree to these terms and the Policy, please do not use Oracle Recruiting. You acknowledge and understand that Oracle may process personal data, transfer it globally, and contact any Reference to discuss your application or contact you about other job opportunities, as applicable, as more fully set out in the Policy.

You may contact Oracle Talent Acquisition at the following e-mail address: recruiting-events-opt-out_ww@oracle.com, at any time, to request that personal data be erased or to withdraw consent from further communications from Oracle. Additional information about your rights is specified in the Policy. By clicking Agree, you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.