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Свяжитесь с нами Вход в Oracle Cloud

Distributed Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s distributed cloud offers customers the flexibility to deploy their workloads wherever they like—even across multiple clouds—with the benefits of cloud innovation and greater control over data residency, locality, and authority. Customers use the distributed cloud to satisfy the business, regulatory, and performance requirements often not met by public cloud providers.

Hybrid Cloud Redefined—New, Unmatched OCI Solutions for Customers (11:08)
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Quick Answer: How Do I Obtain Isolated Private Cloud Services?

How should an executive leader evaluate the options for “air gapped” private clouds…. and more.

Distributed cloud: beyond the public cloud

OCI’s distributed cloud continues its momentum with new services and new planned regions, bringing cloud to customers where they need it in over 60 countries.

MySQL HeatWave is ready for the distributed cloud: OCI, AWS, and Azure

Oracle MySQL HeatWave is a managed service on both OCI and AWS, and it is now coming to Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure.

The power of the cloud is in your hands with Oracle Alloy

Oracle Alloy enables OCI partners to become cloud providers with an expandable, complete cloud infrastructure platform.

В отчете 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ для облачных инфраструктур и платформенных сервисов» OCI был назван провидцем.

Distributed cloud meets you where you are

OCI: multicloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, dedicated cloud graphic

Bring the full breadth of Oracle’s offerings into your data center

Take advantage of public cloud capabilities in your data center.

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“Many large-scale data center users have been working through plans for cloud migration but struggle to move gradually, keeping processing on-premises and moving applications and data in a stepwise manner to the cloud. Oracle’s distributed cloud services overcome this issue by, in effect, bringing the cloud to the customer.”

Carl Olofson Research Vice President, IDC


Distributed cloud success stories

Integra adopts OCI for multicloud and achieves 90% time savings

“As a customer, we reap significant benefits from this level of cooperation between Oracle and Microsoft.”

Peter Gawroniak
Senior Director of Infrastructure and Operations, Integra LifeSciences

Murad saves 30% by linking transactional apps on AWS to back-end apps on OCI

“Our business stakeholders are coming up to us saying that their queries are coming up faster. Overall, we would estimate a 20% to 30% improvement in performance.”

Rishabh Sinha
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications, Murad

Vodafone maintains control and data residency in their data centers with Dedicated Region

“OCI Dedicated Region enables us to innovate with next-generation public cloud services within our data center while meeting data residency requirements. We can maintain full control of our on-premises data center operations while investing toward a digital transformation with the performance, scalability, and resilience that Dedicated Region offers. By modernizing our infrastructure with Oracle, we can lower our IT costs while bringing products to market faster.”

Scott Petty
Chief Digital and IT Officer, Vodafone

Deutsche Bank adopts Exadata Cloud@Customer for big cost savings

“Oracle fits into [our] strategy and complements our existing journey. There will be applications staying in the on-premises world, and we need to invest in simplifying them. Exadata Cloud@Customer fully supports our cloud strategy, supports consuming technology as a service, and comes with significant financial benefits.”

Bernd Leukert
Head of Technology, Data, and Innovation, Deutsche Bank

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s distributed cloud services


Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure

An Oracle-managed service for Azure customers to easily provision, access, and operate high-performance database services in OCI.

  • High performance, high availability, and automated management of OCI’s database services for applications in Azure
  • Supports Oracle Exadata Database Service, Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Base Database Service, and MySQL Heatwave
  • Azure-like experience and guided deployment with service management, metrics, and events integrated with Azure
  • Direct, low-latency connectivity with collaborative support from Microsoft and Oracle
  • Zero-cost service

Oracle MySQL HeatWave

An Oracle-managed open source database service available in multiple clouds for transaction processing, analytics, and machine learning workloads.

  • A MySQL Database managed service for OLTP and OLAP with a high-performance, in-memory query accelerator
  • A multicloud service available on OCI and Amazon Web Services and available to Azure users with Oracle Database Service for Azure

Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure

A highly optimized, secure, and unified low-latency cross-cloud experience between OCI and Azure.

  • Direct interconnect between OCI and Microsoft Azure provides <2 ms latency
  • Available in 11 OCI regions across the globe
  • Zero data ingress/egress charges can provide significant cost savings
  • Joint support from both OCI and Microsoft Azure

Multicloud solutions

OCI multicloud solutions integrate resources across clouds.

  • Observability and management services unify resource management across clouds
  • Integration services connect applications and automate workflows across hybrid and multicloud environments

Hybrid cloud

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer

Oracle Exadata on managed infrastructure within your data center running Oracle Database workloads to provide data residency and high performance with the simplicity and economics of cloud services.

  • Oracle Exadata Database Service and the fully managed Oracle Autonomous Database
  • An integrated hardware and software solution managed by OCI from a public cloud region
  • Data residency and enhanced security using managed infrastructure deployed in your data center
  • High database performance and scalability on Exadata, enabling efficient database consolidation
  • Cost-effective, usage-based economics

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer

Eliminate the complexity of managing, scaling, and securing databases within your data center with a fully managed database service running on Exadata Cloud@Customer.

  • A complete and easy-to-use private database for any workload with any type of data and using any development style
  • Deployed in customer data centers to meet data residency, security, and latency needs
  • Automated operations, error detection and patching, threat detection and remediation, and autoscaling capacity

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure

Managed infrastructure on ruggedized devices delivers compute and storage services outside the data center.

  • Use cloud services in remote environments
  • High-performance, ruggedized devices in two form factors
  • A common user experience and tools using OCI
  • Economical, use-based pricing

Hybrid cloud solutions

OCI hybrid cloud solutions unify your use of resources across the cloud and on-premises environments.

  • Observability and management services unify resource management
  • Integration services connect applications and automate workflows
  • Analytics services combine data sources
  • Identity services provide a common platform to manage user access and entitlements

Public cloud

Oracle Cloud regions

A secure, high-performance cloud platform for all workloads, delivered from 41 Oracle Cloud regions in 22 countries.

  • 100+ OCI cloud services and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications
  • Cloud regions for commercial, US government, and UK government customers
  • Additional sovereign cloud regions for the European Union coming in 2023

OCI for U.S. government

Cloud regions for the U.S. government, including the U.S. Defense Department, intelligence community, and federal civilian agencies.

  • U.S. Defense Department regions with DISA Impact Level 5 accreditation
  • U.S. Government regions with FedRAMP High JAB accreditation for U.S. federal and civilian agencies, including state and local offices
  • U.S. National Security regions that are air-gapped and isolated to support secret and top secret classified data

OCI for UK government and defense

A sovereign, dedicated dual-region cloud for UK government and defense customers.

  • Meet data sovereignty requirements
  • Same services, support, and billing as OCI’s public cloud
  • Geographically separated cloud regions for disaster recovery in London and Newport, Wales

Dedicated cloud

OCI Dedicated Region

A fully managed, complete cloud region inside a customer’s data center.

  • An integrated hardware and software solution
  • An independent, complete cloud region in your data center, managed by OCI
  • The same services, support, and billing as OCI’s public cloud
  • Usage-based commitment only, with no up-front capital costs
  • Meets data residency and low-latency requirements

Oracle Alloy

A complete cloud infrastructure platform that enables partners to offer OCI and custom cloud services to their own customers.

  • Go to market using OCI’s proven cloud infrastructure platform
  • Expand your business with new cloud services
  • Customize customer experience, support, and billing under your own brand
  • Control cloud operations and support to meet specific needs and integrate into existing operations

Внедрение мультиоблака в Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Просмотрите эталонные архитектуры и сценарии использования, проверьте технические требования и ознакомьтесь с практическими рекомендациями для мультиоблачных архитектур.

Создание порталов поставщиков
Подключение OCI к другим поставщикам облачных сервисов
Настройка облачной CRM-системы
Использование Megaport для создания архитектуры с разделением стека, охватывающей OCI и других поставщиков
Настройка облачной CRM-системы
Использование Equinix для создания архитектуры с разделением стека, охватывающей OCI и других поставщиков
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure для специалистов по Microsoft Azure
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure для специалистов по Microsoft Azure

Связанные решения для развертывания облака и управления им

  • Решение Oracle Cloud VMware

    Облачная система OCI VMware создана для заказчиков, использующих гибридное облако и мультиоблачную архитектуру

  • Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform

    Прозрачность инфраструктуры и приложений, развернутых в любом месте

  • Oracle GoldenGate

    Лидирующая на рынке служба репликации данных для сценариев мультиоблака и гибридного облака

  • FastConnect

    Создание мультиоблачных сред с высокоскоростными сетевыми каналами для подключения облаков любых поставщиков

Логотип концепции «Планирование, внедрение, инновации» Планирование, внедрение, инновации

Компания Oracle предоставляет как передовые технологии, так и необходимую поддержку на каждом этапе вашей работы: от планирования и внедрения наших систем до дальнейших инновационных решений.

Дополнительные ресурсы по облачной архитектуре и развертыванию

OCI Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

Взгляд IDC на OCI и гибридное облако

Отчет Omdia о том, почему не все облака одинаковы

Обратитесь в отдел продаж по вопросам OCI

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