Empower digital transformation with ELEVATE from Deloitte and Oracle

Oracle and Deloitte are collaborating to reduce your technical debt and drastically cut costs through end-to-end cloud migration and managed services that accelerate digital transformation, simplify IT modernization, and set business innovation in motion. The strategic relationship is called ELEVATE.

ELEVATE: Deloitte +  Oracle Cloud + Oracle Financing

Harness the transformative power of ELEVATE, the Deloitte and Oracle strategic relationship

    Oracle and Deloitte combined the strengths of many into the unparalleled experience of one to enable transformation, modernization, and innovation.

  • Deloitte

    Delivers advisory services grounded in business acumen to provide holistic end-to-end migration and managed services that extend and enhance your digital transformation.

  • Oracle Cloud

    Provides technical and cloud migration expertise to successfully implement a secure, enterprise-class cloud platform that is the digital foundation for your future innovation.

  • Oracle Financing

    Reduces technical debt by smoothing payments over time, accelerating year one cost savings, and enabling self-funding for your future SaaS implementations.

ELEVATE use cases

Digitally transform and modernize with Deloitte and Oracle

ELEVATE your digital transformation, pay down technical debt, and drastically cut costs

Accelerate transformation with end-to-end cloud migration services

ELEVATE doesn’t just lift and shift your technology environment from on-premises to cloud; it provides end-to-end services to drive innovation through true, cloud-enabled, digital transformation. Deloitte and Oracle offer one-stop accountability with a joint delivery model and shared migration tooling.

We’ve combined the industry-leading professional services of Deloitte with the enterprise-class performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Oracle Cloud Implementation Services 2020 Vendor Assessment.

Oracle and Deloitte Digital Transformation, Modernization and Innovation
Collaboration for Modernization and Transformation

Build a digital foundation with automated cloud migration

ELEVATE provides a strategic, cross-platform, full-stack experience that lays the digital foundation for your data center. We not only migrate your on-premises workloads such as JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and custom apps to the cloud — we also support your future goals with enterprise-scale IT modernization and data center transformation.

Rethink the economics to reduce costs and fuel digital innovation

After thousands of cloud migration projects, we’ve noticed that up to 70% of IT budgets are set aside to pay down technical debt. ELEVATE flips the narrative.

In a traditional model, you pay large capital outlays to get started on data center transformation, while not reaping benefits for months or even years. ELEVATE smooths your payments over time, provides year one immediate cost reduction, reduces your technical debt, and changes investments from maintenance to innovation.

Cloud Migration Economics with ELEVATE

Key use cases for ELEVATE

Digital and data center transformation

Your data center transformation journey warrants careful planning, taking into account not only the technical aspects of migrating to the cloud, but also the potential business ramifications and impact on employees and customers.

ELEVATE successfully moves your on-premises data center to a modern cloud platform that is optimized for your future growth, enables agility and innovation, and provides a secure, multicloud environment.

IT modernization and cloud migration

Do you have on-premises applications such as Enterprise Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Hyperion, or other third-party apps? Through the combined methodologies of Oracle Soar + Deloitte’s ATADATA©, you can seamlessly migrate to the cloud.

ELEVATE is a fit if your on-premises support is expiring, you need to get on the latest version, or you are ready for a modern, enterprise-class platform with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Digital business innovation

There are many paths to the cloud, but most enterprises have a roadmap that includes a SaaS solution for ERP, CX, HCM, and supply chain.

ELEVATE’s integrated approach includes a unique commercialization arrangement, which can minimize the upfront investment required and potentially make each step of your journey cash-flow positive. This unique formula creates the option for self-funding your future state SaaS strategy.

Empower digital transformation with ELEVATE from Deloitte and Oracle

Today, you can simplify, modernize, and transform your legacy environment into a modern, secure, and industry-leading cloud infrastructure with ELEVATE.

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“IDC predicts this worldwide pandemic will be the defining moment when virtually all organizations finally realize that digital transformation is an imperative.”

Gard Little Research Vice President, IDC

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