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Fortinet Security Solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Ensure your cloud migration is secure with Fortinet and Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Fortinet have partnered to help organizations implement zero-trust security across their on-premises and cloud environments. In today’s hybrid and multicloud world, establishing a consistent security framework with enterprise-level threat protection for your applications and their associated data is critical. As dictated by the shared responsibility model, it falls to the user to protect their workloads and to configure services and applications securely to meet compliance objectives. Deployable directly from Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Fortinet solutions are comprised of best-in-class security and management tools that enable organizations to defend workloads and applications from threats to both hybrid and multicloud environments. They work with consistent enforcement, visibility, and deep, multilayer protection.

Enterprise-grade security

Driven by FortiGuard Labs and supported by advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, Fortinet solutions deliver best-in-class security on-premises, in private and public clouds, and across datacenters and branch locations.

Lower risk and Improved compliance

Fortinet’s broad, integrated, and ML-automated threat protection identifies zero-day threats and minimizes the impact of breaches while protecting the privacy and integrity of mission-critical data.

Actionable insights

Gain critical insight into threats across the entire attack surface with instant visibility, real-time threat intelligence, and actionable analytics.

Security was one of the top three priorities for us as we moved to the cloud. Oracle and Fortinet's partnership is key; if we didn't tell our people that we moved to the cloud, they would never know.
Darren Owsley, CTO, Gonzaga University

Fortinet and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Best of both worlds security

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With Fortinet on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, customers can leverage the same security tools and management from Fortinet on-premises as they migrate workloads to OCI, ensuring they are consistently protected, compliant, and that all security events are tracked – whether on-premises or off.

Key benefits

Consistent provisioning

Tight integration between Fortinet and OCI facilitates consistent, error-free configuration and minimizes security gaps.

Flexible billing options

Utilize Universal Credits within Oracle Cloud Marketplace to pay for Fortinet solutions and services on OCI or bring your own license.

End-to-end management

Lean IT teams benefit from single pane-of-glass management of on-premises endpoint systems and cloud-based infrastructure.

Reference architectures

To help organizations achieve optimal performance and security, Fortinet and Oracle have published several validated reference architectures for transitioning workloads to OCI utilizing Fortinet solutions.

Featured use case: Protect Oracle apps with Fortinet security on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Move or extend Oracle application workloads—including E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and more—to OCI with Fortinet security. This architecture deploys Oracle apps workloads in the cloud using Fortinet solutions in a hub and spoke network topology to augment the native security provided by OCI. The hub-spoke topology is a networking pattern that connects a centralized network (the hub) to multiple directed connected networks (the spokes). Traffic between these networks flows through a highly available FortiGate Next-Generation firewall to enforce security and traffic inspection through a centralized location.

Start deploying Fortinet on OCI today

With Fortinet solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, organizations can leverage the familiar tools and management that they know and trust while leveraging the industry-leading scalability and performance of Oracle Cloud. Connect with an OCI expert to get started today.

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