Opower Equity and Affordability: Low-to-Moderate Income Customers

Opower solutions help utilities identify, engage, and enroll customers with low-to-moderate income (LMI) in energy assistance programs.

Achieve utility decarbonization targets with Opower.

Opower LMI products

LMI customers face difficult challenges. Opower combines predictive analytics, personalized communication strategies, and a one-stop shop for connecting LMI customers with the energy assistance programs they need.

Find and identify LMI customers

Identifying your LMI customers requires the right approach, data sets, and tools. The Opower identification and analytics solution uses predictive analytics that rely on layering multiple data sets to help easily identify LMI customers.

Reach your customers with messaging that resonates

Reach your most vulnerable customers with personalized communications. Carefully tested communications lean on behavioral science techniques and UX research that inspire customers to take action.

Easily enroll your LMI customers in energy assistance programs

Connect your customers to the Savings Hub, a one-stop shop where they can view a personalized list of assistance programs for which they’re eligible. Customers can

–  Learn about programs for which they qualify and the documentation needed for applications

–  See key enrollment dates and get answers to frequently asked questions

–  Connect directly to the program application or website to get more details

Alleviating the energy affordability crisis in America

An article in Utility Dive magazine outlines Oracle’s effort to help utilities identify and support LMI customers.

Opower equity and affordability benefits

01Use predictive analytics to find LMI customers

Analyze multiple data sets from Opower and external sources to identify LMI customers.

02Increase program awareness and engagement

Deliver personalized communications designed to inspire customers to take action and seek recommended energy assistance programs through the Savings Hub.

03Increase program enrollment

Make it easy for LMI customers who view the Savings Hub to understand program details and how to enroll.

04Enhance your customer experience

Offer a seamless journey toward energy equity and affordability. Deliver a simple and engaging experience for customers to learn about energy assistance programs and enroll in them.

Addressing the energy burden problem with energy affordability for everyone

Jameela Belyeu, Senior Manager, Product Strategy and Marketing
Angella Alba, Senior Product Marketing Manager

When electricity and gas rates increase along with the cost of living, LMI customers face an even greater financial burden. Baltimore Gas and Electric is addressing that problem by empowering their most vulnerable customers to make sustainable changes that make energy more affordable.

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