Oracle Communications Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)

A future-proof investment for telcos to generate revenue and optimize the network, Oracle’s NWDAF addresses a comprehensive set of analytics use cases that are not yet defined by 3GPP specifications, in addition to supporting 3GPP release 16 and 17 use cases.

Drive advanced network analytics with fast and accurate machine learning models

Oracle Communications Network Data Analytics Function is built with strong cloud native credentials, enabling operational automation, agile delivery, and API-based integration.

Deploy new services at scale

Support a diverse range of CSP deployment needs with network scalability and agility.

Take advantage of a solution based on Cloud Native Computing Foundation principles, with a microservices-based architecture implemented via PODs and managed per Kubernetes-based tools.

Take advantage of open APIs

Support both private and public environments and multicloud deployments. Using a disaggregated approach, colocate with other network functions to provide real-time analytics at the edge of the network while also supporting non-real-time analytics using aggregated data in the core network.

Generate data-based insights

Streamline telco operations and network planning with an intuitive user interface. Facilitate scenario building based on collected data to visualize current, predicted, and simulated events.

Assure data quality and accessibility

Provide full accountability of available data and assure its quality and accessibility through an end-to-end analytics lifecycle—from data collection and storage to management.

Oracle Communications Network Data Analytics Function

Get the flexibility you need to support your analytics journey with the foundational capabilities necessary to drive other analytics functions.

01Innovation-based differentiation

Develop specific business logic for applications within the same solution domain.

02Predictive analytics capabilities

Support functions such as anomaly detection to avoid events such as network function failure.

03In-depth insights

Provide 5G signaling health metrics and tracing while monitoring feeds for network analytics.

04Modular by nature

Reuse existing assets, such as data lakes, to support new analytics use cases.

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