5G Signaling and Routing

Build a secure 5G signaling and routing framework with a complete set of microservices-based, cloud native network functions (NFs). Introduce new services and platforms in an automated framework with more security within a multivendor and multicloud environment. Get insights into network traffic through analytics and troubleshooting tools.

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Powering the autonomous 5G core network

Oracle Communications’ cloud native core 5G signaling and routing product portfolio is built on more than 40 years of network signaling security heritage.

Manage your network at scale

Efficiently manage your network at scale by providing routing control, resiliency, security, and observability to the 5G core network. The Oracle Communications 5G SCP is a cloud native 5G core signaling router that leverages IT service mesh (ISTIO) and adds critical capabilities to make it 5G-aware, thereby addressing many of the challenges caused by the new service-based architecture in the 5G core.

Operate with ease

Simplify network topology by handling complex connection management while improving load balancing and routing control. The SCP plays a critical role in the deployment of new services with canary upgrades for improved service compatibility and interoperability.

Enhance resiliency and security

Provide alternate routing and congestion control and enhance the resiliency of the 5G core. The SCP protects the network from signaling attacks by malicious or rogue elements and from being overloaded.

Visualize the 5G core

Enable traffic monitoring of external analytics solutions. The SCP increases observability through end-to-end visibility of the 5G core control plane and delivers enhanced 5G core security.

Provides security at the perimeter of the 5G network

Oracle Communications SEPP acts as a non-transparent proxy at the perimeter of the public land mobile network (PLMN) and enables a secure connection between 5G networks. It ensures end-to-end confidentiality and integrity between source and destination networks for all 5G interconnect roaming messages and can be used by the following entities on a 5G network:

MNO and MVNO operators

Supports MNOs in meeting mandatory regulatory compliance by granting MVNOs access to their 5G network while protecting NFs from exposure to external networks.

Operator roaming hubs

Consolidates and secures operator group roaming for group network operator companies that reside in the same security domain.

IPX providers

Enables operators to use intermediaries to avoid entering a multitude of roaming agreements with other operators. Oracle Communications SEPP supports multitenancy, enabling a large roaming coverage area.

Manage the Network Repository Function

Support NF management, discovery, and authorization services. NRF can be combined with Oracle’s SCP.

Provide NRF hierarchies

Take advantage of NRF hierarchies to achieve the desired scalability of the 5G core.

Enable georedundancy

Enable up to three-site georedundancy to ensure service availability and continuity across multiple sites.

Support 5G roaming

Support discovery across the inter-PLMN boundary, thereby enabling 5G roaming.

Use the Network Slice Selection Function

Select the network slicing instance, determine the allowed network slice selection assistance information, and set the Access and Mobility Management Function to serve the user equipment.

Modify subscriptions

Enhance service delivery by dynamically modifying subscriptions.

Ensure service availability

Support two-site georedundancy to ensure service availability when an Oracle NSSF site is down.

Support multiple networks

Support multiple networks by defining slice selection policies.

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5G signaling and routing benefits

Oracle provides a fully automated and robust 5G signaling platform with a holistic approach to security and observability.

01Cloud native and DevOps enabled

Deploy hyperscale public/private cloud services rapidly.

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02Fully automated deployments

Support CI/CD pipelines along with automated test suites to facilitate zero-touch installs and upgrades.

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03In-depth insights

Provide 5G signaling health metrics and tracing with the capability to monitor feeds for network analytics.

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04Enhanced security

Prevent network attacks with advanced security management features.

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