Enterprise Session Border Controller

Protect critical, real-time communications for collaboration, unified communications (UC), and contact centers. Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) lets you interconnect SIP trunks, on-premises enterprise telephony, UCaaS, CCaaS, and any other SIP service with security, reliability, quality, and scalability and can be deployed in your own network, as well as in major public clouds.

Build trust with customers by delivering secure and reliable voice communications.

Enterprise Session Border Controller features

Scalable, best-of-breed security and extensibility for collaboration, telephony, and any SIP service. Deployed on purpose built appliances, in your own network and in public cloud environments including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Secure critical, real-time communications

Streamline operations and accelerate innovation with best-of-breed, vendor-independent security and extensibility for collaboration, telephony, and any SIP service.

Protect IP-based systems and services

Use the E-SBC to protect IP communications from threats including distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, fraud, and privacy breaches that could result in lost revenue and productivity, compliance violations, and damage to your brand.

Ensure confidentiality and integrity

Protect communications confidentiality and integrity and ensure the availability of services, systems, and applications.

Block fraudulent calls

Block calls to known fraudulent destinations, limit calls to unusual or suspicious destination ranges, and apply policies to users based on time of day and other parameters.

Streamline operations and accelerate innovation

Centralize control of communications for security and interoperability, whether for remote workers and agents, remote locations, or branch offices.

Simplify configuration

Simplify the configuration of any real-time communications networks and services.

Accelerate deployment

Dramatically accelerate deployment of UC networks and SIP trunking services with an extensive library of application notes.

Resolve protocol problems

Resolve a wide range of protocol problems using the E-SBC’s header manipulation capabilities to improve network agility and reliability, delay projects, and reduce costs.

Ensure business continuity

Impairments and failures can occur anywhere in a communications network and can be difficult to isolate and repair. Ensure business continuity with the features provided by the E-SBC.

Monitor and trace

Monitor and troubleshoot your networks with the E-SBC monitoring and tracing tool, which enables you to quickly visualize complex session information.

Maintain user experience

Continuously monitor the solution’s health and route sessions from active to standby units with no loss in session state or impact to user experience.

Optimize performance

Protect against failure anywhere in the network and optimize performance across multiple SIP trunk services by routing sessions based on observed QoS and balancing loads.

Oracle’s E-SBCs, combined with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ensure that Anyroute’s customers can consistently deliver a superior user experience

Enable distributed workforces

Provide a centralized layer for security and interoperability between the enterprise, and major UCaaS platforms, PSTN callers, and remote workers, allowing you to retain visibility and control as communications move to the cloud. Navigate acquisitions, migrations, and shifts in IT strategy knowing investments in infrastructure and compliance will be preserved.

01Bring your own carrier (BYOC)

Securely interconnect your real-time communications infrastructure, cloud services, and the PSTN.

Webinar series: Instituting a BYOC approach for a clear migration path to the cloud

02Secure the Contact Center

Protect business-critical, real-time communications during emergencies, unanticipated call bursts, and targeted DoS/DDoS attacks.

Analyst research: The state of enterprise UC and contact center security

03Integrate Zoom Phone

Enable PSTN connectivity for Zoom Phone with BYOC Premise Peering and Cloud peering.

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04Easily integrate with Microsoft

Integrate with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Operator Connect.

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05Enable a distributed workforce with Webex Calling

By leveraging Oracle’s SBC, enterprises can move to Webex Calling with the assurance that their existing enterprise voice investments, policies, and process will be preserved.

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06Oracle enables seamless integrations with Google Voice

Benefit from the flexibility of Google Voice while ensuring investments in communications platforms remain intact.

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