Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker for Call Routing

Facilitate multivendor communications and provide each user with a personalized journey to the cloud by enabling granular routing capabilities in multivendor networks with Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker.

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Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker features

Optimize your communications network while protecting your investments.

Optimize user migration

Enable granular call routing for optimal user migration to cloud communication services. Instead of migrating all users at once, the Enterprise Communications Broker enables individual user migrations.

Fork sessions to multiple endpoints

Enhance resiliency, improve user reachability, and facilitate user transitions to new endpoint devices while maintaining existing routing.

Modify or deny routing based on criteria

Route each call according to the user’s individual information, which is stored in a directory.

Control the routing of SIP sessions

Keep disparate environments—or users—together, ensuring all calls are routed while leveraging the best connection available across all platforms.

Enable each call based on the best route available

Configured with the network topology, you can enable each call via the best route available, based on quality, cost, and other metrics.

Ensure policy enforcement

Ensure the enforcement of communication policies such as compliance recording, codec choice, and call admission control with a policy engine and centralized call routing.

Safeguard against fraud

Protect your environment against fraud with Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud or by collecting call details through Oracle Communications Fraud Monitor in conjunction with Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller.

Reduce complexity with centralized management

Eliminate the need to manage multiple disparate communications systems.

Enforce compliance

Ensure that calls with specified qualities are routed to meet compliance policies or recording solutions.

Normalize protocol incompatibilities

Use a centralized normalization of signaling and number formatting for multivendor environments in a single platform that streamlines management.

Enable “Bring Your Own Device” access to unified communications applications

Access unified communications applications using standard SIP clients.

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