VoIP Monitoring—Oracle Enterprise Operations Monitor

Rapidly detect, isolate, and resolve problems such as voice quality or call routing issues, service provider SLA performance and telephony fraud anywhere in multivendor VoIP and unified communications (UC) networks with end-to-end session and real-time analysis.

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Enterprise VoIP monitor features

Gain real-time insight into VoIP and UC network traffic with use of a simple and intuitive GUI and drill down to view messages per user session, including live calls.

End-to-end network visibility

Reduce mean time to repair with real-time analysis and unique session correlation capabilities to rapidly detect, isolate, and resolve problems anywhere in multivendor VoIP and UC networks.

Achieve true, real-time media quality analysis

Rapidly isolate and resolve a range of problems, including one-way audio and codec mismatches, with media monitoring and analysis tools.

Rapidly detect and isolate problems

Detect problems in real time across complex communications networks, including multivendor UC and contact center–supporting networks.

Drill down to a user session, including live calls

Troubleshoot call quality issues by drilling down to access signaling information and call detail records. Search live and historical user sessions using partial phone numbers or IP addresses.

Correlate calls across multiple sites and protocols

Get full end-to-end visibility of the network with correlation and analysis of calls across multiple network sites and protocols.

Flexible modular architecture

Take advantage of flexible, modular architecture that is highly efficient, cost-effective to deploy, and easily scalable from a single midsize data center environment to a very large geographically distributed enterprise.

Move to the cloud ready with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Microsoft Azure

Operate more efficiently, improve security and redundancy, and scale as business needs grow.

Gain vendor-agnostic visibility into SIP, RTP, RTCP, and other protocols

Work seamlessly across complex, multivendor communications networks.

Eliminate the need for special monitoring equipment

Get full end-to-end visibility into critical trunk connections through embedded probes in Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controllers and the Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker.

Fraud monitoring

Receive alerts about automatically identified fraud incidents within a matter of minutes, allowing you to disable users and trunks on session border controllers, application servers, core network elements, or provisioning servers.

Use flexible rules to enable fraud detection analysis

Get destination-based traffic-spike fraud monitoring based on customer-defined rules and flexible denylists.

Detect traffic spikes

Detect call volumes exceeding normal thresholds for metrics such as aggregate call volume in minutes, the relative increase in call minutes compared to historical data, the number of concurrent sessions at the end of an interval, and the number of successful call attempts per interval.

Eliminate the need for special monitoring equipment

Monitor your network without additional equipment using embedded probes from the Enterprise Operations Monitor in the Enterprise Session Border Controller and Enterprise Communications Broker.

VoIP monitoring solution benefits

01Reduce mean time to repair and related operations costs

Quickly identify problems anywhere in your multivendor communications networks and rapidly resolve them, improving user satisfaction.

02Accelerate resolution of complex service provider and UC vendor problems

Take advantage of easy-to-read ladder diagrams that enable you to visualize and rapidly isolate problems that are hindering optimal performance.

03Achieve proficiency quickly without training

Use an intuitive graphical user interface to become productive in minutes, and quickly identify problems with the help of a color-coded display.

04Get full visibility into user activity in real time

View more than 250 key performance indicators to detect a wide range of problems and gain early visibility into the network’s service levels.

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