SaaS Network Management and Monitoring Application

Streamline and automate network management and monitoring functions, including fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security, with Oracle Session Delivery Management Cloud. Discover how you can minimize operational costs in an agile, reliable, and secure way with a flexible and intuitive network management and monitoring system.

Oracle Session Delivery Management Cloud features

Use a single-pane-of-glass view for network management and monitoring

Create and customize your dashboard and KPI views according to your specific business needs and role.

Share your views

Control how you publish your dashboards. You can set them as private so no other users can access them, or you can set them as shared or public depending on the access level you want other users to have.

Look at trends

Search historical KPIs at the device level to gain useful insights for fault isolation, capacity planning, and root cause analysis.

Choose between a granular or aggregated view

Take advantage of a flexible and intuitive framework that allows you to view metrics from one or many devices in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly time increments.

Take advantage of call insights

Collect monitoring data metrics from one or more mediation engines and display them in your dashboard.

Select KPIs to add to your dashboard

Leverage the multiple call data sources available in Oracle Session Delivery Management Cloud to add specific monitoring KPIs to your dashboard.

Review recent calls

Effectively monitor, troubleshoot, and respond to customer or internal network issues using the recent calls table. Essential details from the recent calls table can also be added to the dashboard so you can quickly visualize them.

Render a call ladder diagram

Take call monitoring and troubleshooting one step further by using a call ladder diagram to view information such as packet details across multiple segments.

Configure your network functions using a holistic view

Use the configuration manager to load, configure, apply, and save a configuration on your network function devices.

Take advantage of offline configuration templates

Make use of offline configuration templates to create and export configurations that can be restored to one or many network functions.

Back up and restore configurations

Use the configuration archive to back up or restore configurations from devices. Schedule a back up periodically for one or many devices, or force an immediate on-demand configuration backup.

Leverage a work order framework for device configuration

Save time and reduce the risk of errors by using device configuration work orders to push configurations to one or more devices.

Manage a group of devices

Configure a device group topology. One or more device groups can be nested to define the topology of the network and can include naming conventions such as geographical references and location names.

Improve service availability

Take advantage of the multisite deployment architecture to increase service availability. If a management site goes down, then the network functions will be managed automatically via the redundant site.

Leverage the work order framework for upgrades and rollbacks

Roll out software upgrades or downgrades across one or several devices using an intuitive wizard that requires minimal steps.

Manage your route sets on multiple devices

Create route sets, which can be used to generate XML local route table (LRT) files. You can push LRT updates to one or more devices such as session border controllers or session routers.

Import your route sets

Easily import your route sets with a wizard that imports comma-separated values.

Leverage the work order framework for LRT management

Schedule local route table updates across one or several devices using a work order automation framework to save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Automate your network management operations

Schedule complex tasks such as network function software upgrades, device configurations, and local route table updates. Designed so you can define both workflow behavior and error policies, the work order manager provides you with a consistent and centralized mechanism to help you streamline your operations.

Make your changes on multiple devices

Roll out software upgrades, device configurations, or local route table updates across one or several devices.

Schedule recurrent and complex network management tasks

Save time and reduce the risk of errors using an intuitive wizard that requires minimal steps for scheduling, device selection, and other configurations.

Define behavior and error policies

Control the network function software upgrade, device configuration, or local route table update process by defining the behavior and error policies that are initiated when an error occurs.

Manage access based on roles

Define and control the access rights for user groups based on their roles in your organization.

Control access at the feature level

Decide which features you want to provide access to. Security settings are configurable for user groups and groups of devices at the feature level.

Monitor operational status

Manage events and alarms generated by network functions or Oracle Session Delivery Management Cloud components using the fault manager.

Key benefits of Session Delivery Management Cloud

01Simplify network management and monitoring

Take advantage of a unified view of key performance indicators and statistics to simplify network operations management.

02Streamline your operations

Use the centralized work order automation framework to save time and reduce the risk of errors when completing complex and recurrent tasks.

03Focus on relevant network insights

Choose whether you want to see information in an aggregated or granular format based on your needs. Use numerous data sources to create a customized view of your data to help manage and monitor your network.

04Optimize costs and resources

Minimize operational costs in an agile, reliable, and secure way that Oracle Cloud can deliver.

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