Voice Security

Provide always-on voice communications to protect your business from unwanted calls, threats, and session-based cyberattacks. Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud applies adaptive intelligence and dynamic verification to every call, automatically enforces policy-based mitigation, and offers a 360-degree view of your communications traffic, all in real time.

Protect your enterprise communications from cyberthreats.

Security Shield Cloud features and benefits

Voice security for all enterprise communications. Learn more about the solution’s key capabilities.

Prevent real-time cyberthreats

Apply adaptive intelligence and dynamic verification to every call, and automatically enforce policy-based mitigation for all communications traffic.

Leverage advanced AI and machine learning analysis

Analyze every call to identify fraudulent activity and malicious behavior, superseding static, rule-based, or knowledge-based authentication systems.

Deliver real-time detection

Prevent cyber incidents with threat signature detection based on known traffic patterns, traffic behavior detection—including for calls to and from suspicious number ranges—and anomaly detection.

Resolve incidents rapidly

Dynamically assess risks and take immediate actions to resolve potential threats to enterprise communications.

Integrate with Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller

Get a dynamic risk assessment and automatically generated enforcement actions to be executed by the Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller.

Employ call enforcement

Receive the best course of action, ranging from blocking during setup, redirecting—such as to investigators or ISRs—or terminating in progress.

Protect enterprise communications

Get real-time visibility into communications traffic, track cyber events, and take immediate action with automated, always-on security.

Achieve an end-to-end view of real-time communications traffic

Gain visibility into security threats and the actionable insights you need to eliminate them.

Track all incidents with dashboard metrics

Get insights into communications traffic metrics and patterns, and receive reputation scoring for all calls to determine risk potential. Use threat detection to find the source and frequency of who and what is threatening you.

Provide actionable insights

Utilize smarter threat handling with automated, policy-based enforcement actions for every call.

Take advantage of expert support

Get support for installation, deployment, and configuration with the experts from Oracle Communications Consulting.

Receive ongoing assurance

Receive assurance that Security Shield Cloud actions and rulesets are being correctly interpreted by your enforcement points with ongoing data interpretation, configuration tuning, and policy adjustments to keep your network safe and secure.

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