Carrier-Grade IP Communications

Simplify and Scale Network IP Signaling Core

Oracle Communications Session Router provides high-performance SIP routing with scalable routing policies that increase overall network capacity and reduce cost. It plays a central role in Oracle’s open session routing architecture and helps service providers build a scalable, next-generation signaling core for SIP-based services.

Session Routing Proxies Manage the Core
Scale Your SIP Signaling Infrastructure

Scale Your SIP Signaling Infrastructure

  • Realize the benefits of a powerful, fully functional SIP proxy as a central part of your signaling core
  • Transform your complex mesh network into a simpler hub-and-spoke
  • Reduce the complexity of maintaining your network
  • Create a local routing database or utilize an external one using ENUM or DNS protocols
  • Achieve interoperability between network elements from different vendors

Technical and Business Benefits

Technical and Business Benefits
  • Support for major public cloud provider environments
  • Available on your choice of purpose-built Acme Packet, COTS, or virtualized platforms
  • Provides 3GPP Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF), a key part of an IMS network
  • Supports all SIP-based services, including VoIP, RCS, VoLTE, VoWiFi, and PSTN offload
  • Lowers cost by load-balancing, least cost routing, and helps maintain SLAs