Oracle Telephony Application Server

Set up and manage real-time voice, video, and data sessions to support millions of subscribers or endpoints with Oracle Communications Converged Application Server, a computing platform enhanced with signal processing.

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Converged Application Server features

Oracle’s converged application server enables service providers and enterprises to rapidly develop—and cost-effectively deploy—innovative, revenue-enhancing communication and collaboration services. The Converged Application Server leverages Oracle’s best-of-breed technology to build communication applications with a quick time to market.

Improve HTTP and SIP container management

Manage all SIP HTTP requests or build a default action into the container with a telephony application server based on Oracle’s WebLogic Server.

Leverage container APIs

Use the application programming interfaces to allow programs to manage the SIP session, SIP application, timers, deployments, and listeners.

Employ SIP stack

Support the container with a SIP stack that handles dialog, transactions messaging, and transport layers.

Protocol channels

Offers Layer 3 protocols of TCP, UDP, and TLS.

Improve agility with Docker integration

Integrated into Docker/K8s, you benefit from server instances that are stateless, replaceable, can be dynamically orchestrated, and scale linearly.

Add and remove SIP servlets as needed

Run existing SIP servlet applications as is or decompose them into multiple microservices. This can be determined by the amount of business/routing logic and back-end integrations to other container elements such as DB, webservice callouts, and more.

Gain application agility

Increase overall agility and maintainability of applications with cloud decomposition of SIP servlets.

Telephony application server use cases

01Unified communications systems consolidation

Enable applications that support features such as click-to-call, transfers, hold/mute, presence, and more.

02Hosted contact centers

Manage multiple complex call center interactions, including presence profiling, chat, conferencing, or file sharing, at once.


Enable large capacity conference calls, supporting audio and video conferences toward disparate end points. Manage call blasts, messaging, and file sharing.


Ensure private, secure video conferencing and integration with healthcare systems for telehealth and counseling.

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