Oracle Aconex Model Coordination Cloud Service—Datasheet

Key benefits

  • A true common data environment connects all teams and data, ensuring a single source of truth and facilitating end-to-end process management
  • Manage coordination resolution with a single platform—no additional software required
  • Focus on the coordination issues that need attention
  • Project-wide BIM participation drives faster processes and cycle times
  • Improved efficiency, quality, and faster project completion

With Oracle Aconex security everyone is protected.

Industry-Leading Project Management and Collaboration Technology

The Oracle Aconex cloud platform manages information and processes for the world’s largest construction and engineering projects. With more than 6 million users and more than US$1 trillion of project value delivered in 70 countries, it is the industry’s most widely adopted and trusted platform.

Experience collaborative model management in a secure common data environment (CDE), with seamless integration to the ecosystem and no additional software required for collaboration.

The Challenges of Model Management

While open and transparent collaboration has become a well-known and addressed topic in construction and engineering projects over the last two decades, model management in BIM projects has been the preserve of specialists using proprietary modelling tools. The wider project team has been unable to easily participate in the design and coordination process as the BIM design information has been disconnected from them, dispersed across many different systems.

Most importantly, the critical model coordination process suffers from lack of flow across the applications landscape:

  • Design issue resolution is spread across multiple systems impacting cost and administration
  • Lack of integration with authoring and validation tools leads to errors and further cost
  • Scattered data leads to poor overview and control on status of the coordination process
  • Unreliable progress reports and audit records impact quality and control

Slow progress and decision-making based on assumptions are the result of disconnected teams working with separated data and little to no transparency. Information spread over different systems creates multiple versions of the truth leading to lack of clarity, errors, and disputes—all impacting cost, quality, and schedule. This is not a basis for leveraging insights to improve and optimize processes.

Oracle Aconex connects all projects and model information.

The Difference: Oracle Aconex is a Seamless Integrated Solution

Oracle Aconex Model Coordination Cloud Service simplifies model management by connecting teams, models, and all relevant project data in a true collaborative CDE. A powerful model viewer aligns the project team and the entire supply chain to the design coordination process, enabling all project participants to easily share, visualize, coordinate, review, and contribute to models across organizations. Accessing the CDE via tablet or web browser, design teams enjoy a single platform to query, communicate, and manage the coordination process with a dashboard providing a clear view of status. Teams gain the full benefits of collaboration, including a full audit trail of all decisions made during the project.

The Difference: Oracle Aconex is a Seamless Integrated Solution screenshot
Figure 1: Simplify BIM model coordination, connecting teams, models, and project data in a neutral and secure collaborative environment.

A True Common Data Environment

Built on many years of experience as the world’s leading construction and engineering project management platform, model-oriented projects now benefit from industry-leading security and collaboration. A sophisticated Model Server forms the center of the Oracle Aconex CDE, facilitating integration with most common authoring and model checking tools. Therefore, no additional management tools for issues and clashes are required. The entire project team benefits from the interoperability of Open BIM standards and can interact with models and participate in the BIM processes.

Two levels of functionality are available based on your project’s requirements:

Model Explore

  • A collaborative, high-performance model viewer that is fast and intuitive
  • Project teams can upload model files and seamlessly view, federate, navigate, section, and share models with authorized project participants able to view with zoom, rotate, pan, and section
  • Integrated with the Oracle Aconex Document Register
  • Easily import and open Revit files directly within Aconex
  • Web browser and mobile access to navigate models

Model Coordination

  • Comprehensive issue and clash management supporting the end-to-end coordination process
  • In addition to the capabilities of Model Explore, functionality includes:
    • Seamless clash and design issue capture, management, and resolution
    • Plug-in integrations to authoring and model checking tools
    • Dashboard to monitor progress and reporting
    • Create and share viewpoints
    • Raise a Change Request directly from a Design Issue in a single platform
    • Ensure the correct distribution of Design Issues, saving time during coordination via BCF and plugins
    • Measure in the model and communicate results
    • Integrated process support and full audit trail across the supply chain

Supported Formats

  • IFC 2x3, IFC4
  • BCF 2.0, 2.1

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