Make the move to the cloud with SIA

Wherever you are in your migration journey, Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) will make sure you can extract the full value of your Oracle investments as you move to the cloud. We’ll help you identify which products can and should be moved, help you structure your licenses, and provide ongoing support whenever you need it.

Cloud Investment Services

Get the support you need to make the right choices and streamline your journey to the cloud.

How can Oracle SIA help?

Together, we’ll work out the best cloud migration plan for you and your business.

Your challenge

Businesses may not always know how to choose the cloud options that will meet their needs. When this is the case, the biggest challenges can be

  • Controlling costs
  • Maintaining functionality
  • Minimizing downtime

Our commitment

Oracle SIA can prepare a transition plan based on different scenarios and potential challenges. This includes

  • Analyzing your current usage data to see which Oracle investments could and should be moved
  • Examining the cost implications and talking to you about structuring your licenses
  • Developing a cloud migration plan and giving advice and guidance throughout your migration project

SIA insights

Starting the cloud migration conversation

What on-premises investments do you currently use the most, and will they work as well in the cloud? What savings can you realistically expect? How can you make the move from on-premises to cloud licensing and subscription models?

Your migration questions answered

What assets do I need to move?

It’s best to start small. Get a good understanding of what you use most and how many people rely on it.

Then you can consider which other products to migrate. Are there other systems that feed into the one(s) you want to move? Is extra infrastructure needed, and do you need support to make it work?

Can I move on-premises licenses?

Oracle SIA can talk you through the relevant licensing policies and programs to help facilitate a smooth migration.

Can we move to a public cloud?

There are several reasons why some businesses can’t migrate to a public cloud—including security concerns, corporate policy, and external considerations, such as international privacy laws. We can look at your requirements and see what options will work for you.

How do I get the best ROI?

Everyone wants to prove their investment is paying off and ensure they have the tools in place to secure future funding. This is where our Investment Economics service can help. We can measure the financial value you’re getting and, with the addition of our Cloud Sizing service, find you the most effective deployment.

Case study

The implications of migration on a multinational business

When an international retailer was planning to update their IT investments, they needed to know how migrating their on-premises systems would affect the day-to-day running of the business.

The Oracle SIA team looked at what changes were needed and ensured licenses were correctly adjusted.

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