BAC Credomatic transforms sales compensation with Oracle Incentive Compensation

The Central American bank taps Oracle Incentive Compensation for enhanced productivity, accurate calculations, and fewer disputes.


The results we’ve seen from Oracle Incentive Compensation have been amazing. Every level of the organization, from our executives to individual advisors, is happy because compensation is monitored at the transaction level. Sellers are happy and have more trust in the system and their variable compensation.

Alonso Ampie PenaCommission Data Supervisor, BAC Credomatic

Business challenges

Operating in Central America for more than 70 years, BAC offers a broad portfolio of financial products and services to nearly 5 million clients. The Costa Rica-based bank led the way as a pioneer with credit cards and was the first financial group with a presence in all Central American countries. The institution aims to reimagine banking to generate prosperity in the communities it serves, including private and commercial banking and investments.

However, the company struggled to manage and process monthly variable compensation promptly for its “ejecutivo de ventas” or sales executives, a team of world-class financial advisors. Using Excel, the bank battled with different file formats by region, formula mistakes, data leakage, and no security or auditability. Manually calculating every payee consumed up to 38 hours for a single monthly update. Further, the advisors had no way to accurately estimate and monitor their projected compensation. The bank was determined to make a change.

Why BAC Credomatic chose Oracle

To tackle these issues, BAC Credomatic sought a partner with exceptional customer service to help reduce the cost of software maintenance, automate processes, and build a self-service experience for sales executives. Bank leaders knew Oracle’s products and customer service would deliver their desired experience. Working with Oracle product teams as well as XumTech, a regional partner in Costa Rica, the bank implemented Oracle Incentive Compensation alongside Oracle Sales to automate the variable sales compensation processing and projections.


After adopting Oracle’s software, BAC Credomatic optimized its variable sales compensation rules, related plans, and processes. It improved operational productivity and calculation accuracy while also reducing compensation disputes by 60%. Automating the process reduced processing time by 94%, saving supervisors almost a full week’s worth of manual work. Before Oracle Incentive Compensation, sales executives received a compensation update only at the end of the month due to process bottlenecks. 

Today the bank offers frequent updates throughout the month. Sales executives feel confident in their payouts because of the self-service portal powered by Oracle’s real-time reporting and analytics. Salespeople get on-demand visibility into their variable sales compensation and compare historical payouts. Consistent formatting, automation, and Oracle Cloud’s scalability prepared the bank to expand the use of Oracle Incentive Compensation from one market to seven other Central American countries.

BAC Credomatic’s experience improved through standardization and automation, resulting in increased accuracy, better visibility, and unmatched scalability. With the improvements, the bank can motivate sellers in more effective, compelling ways and experience greater overall results for their sales teams.

Published:April 10, 2024

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Operating and serving Central America for more than 70 years, BAC Credomatic offers a broad portfolio of financial products and services to nearly 5 million clients.