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Performance benchmarking for Oracle's incentive compensation solution

Check out our performance benchmark report for Oracle Sales Performance Management's incentive compensation solution to see how long it takes to process small-, medium-, and large-scale compensation plans.

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Overcome your compensation challenges

Incentive compensation can help sales organizations adapt to shifting pressures in the sales landscape.

The incentive compensation capabilities in Oracle Sales Performance Management (SPM) leverage territory and quota management as part of Oracle Sales’ comprehensive approach to sales performance management. Incentive compensation helps organizations roll out new planning initiatives, provide productivity tools to reduce administrative costs, and present relevant business insights to improve sales performance.

Turn your CRM dashboard into your one-stop shop to manage and motivate your sales teams.

Features overview—Oracle SPM’s incentive compensation capabilities

  • Sales performance and compensation administrator dashboards
  • Commission and bonus estimator
  • Sales credit allocation and hierarchical roll-up rules
  • Configurable payment approval, draw and recovery rules
  • Cross-organization crediting and multicurrency calculation
  • Scalable enterprise platform and integration web services

Key benefits

  • Incentivize sales reps with compensation plans aligned to your business strategy
  • Maximize revenue potential and increase SFA adoption
  • Ensure accurate, on-time payments with our performance processing engine
  • Reduce costs and complexity across global sales distribution channels
  • Empower sales reps with an interactive dashboard and estimated compensation to guide behavior and drive performance results

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Drive sales alignment and performance to plan

Oracle Sales Performance Management connects with sales planning tools so managers can collaborate and quickly deploy sales plans that are aligned with your business strategy. Incentive compensation helps both individual sellers and entire sales teams hit their goals, and the compensation dashboard gives sales managers insights to motivate sales reps and help them meet and exceed performance expectations. The dashboard includes:

  • Monitoring capabilities with an at-a-glance view of rep performance
  • Colored icons that alert managers to reps in danger of missing their quotas
  • Pay-for-performance curves that provide a graphical view of how your plan is progressing
Handle even the most complex and large-scale compensation plan structures.

Rapidly deploy new plans

Oracle Incentive Compensation comes with a set of planning objects and components, including multidimensional rate tables, powerful user-defined expressions, and more.

  • Guided plan creation flows simplify the plan creation process
  • Reports automatically adapt to show relevant performance measures and earnings information
  • Embedded analytics allow plan administrators to catch setup errors or exceptions early to ensure complete and accurate plan deployment

Manage complex sales organizations

Companies can appropriately credit sales reps, co-prime reps, overlays, teams, and channel reps using any transactional attribute. Combine the crediting and roll-up rules into a single hierarchy to reduce maintenance and enable conditional roll-up.

Use cross-organization crediting and roll-up and multicurrency calculations to reduce the challenges associated with distributed or global sales organizations. Get relevant participant information easily with snapshots that include individualized plan details, sales transactions, credits, earnings, payments, and dispute history.

Focus on desired behavior

Interactive sales performance reports give sales reps real-time information into their performance and target quotas. Reports, like commission statements, provide relevant insights to help organizations:

  • Increase seller trust and satisfaction
  • Reduce accounting mistakes
  • Give sales reps more time to focus on selling

Sales representatives can maximize revenue potential using the estimator tool. Estimations use actual commission and bonus attainment combined with real-time planning calculations so reps can make data-driven decisions and drive better results.

Achieve financial control and compliance

Oracle Incentive Compensation enables regulatory and audit compliance by providing:

  • Full traceability from transactions through to payment
  • Calculation details that show how each earning is computed, including the inputs, outputs, and formulas used
  • Quick-and-easy transaction or credit adjustments within a familiar Excel interface using Oracle Applications Desktop Integrator
  • Payment approval processes that include finance and sales organizations, to increase transparency and reduce errors

Get actionable intelligence

Embedded business intelligence allows sales leaders, operations, and managers to:

  • Review key performance indicators
  • Prioritize workloads
  • Drill down to address areas of immediate concern

Streamline reporting and strengthen decision-making with Intelligent Performance Management (PDF) (IPM). IPM, a feature of Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM, uses data science and machine learning to reveal hidden correlations to help you realize faster time-to-action with:

  • Signal detection
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Insight discovery

Manage sales performance using gamification

Managers have the power to dynamically track sales performance with verified data. They can motivate their sales teams with contests powered by Oracle Sales Performance Management’s gamification capabilities. Managers can monitor and edit these sales competitions to test new strategies to hit their goals faster.

Sales conversion
Sales managers can track overall performance by creating, monitoring, and editing sales contests in individual and team dashboards.

Whether sales leaders motivate their teams using badges, redeemable points, prizes, or cash, the sales performance dashboard keeps your entire team on track. Leveraging the incentive compensation capabilities in Oracle Sales, the dashboard enables you to measure individual and team performance.

Sales performance dashboard
The dashboard gives managers a top-down view of their team's sales performance, from total calls made to leads converted.
  • Motivate sales behavior by showing calculated scores and rewards, such as badges or points, based on sales force activities
  • Create score card metrics using sales activities such as number of prospecting calls, contracts, meetings with prospects, time spent mentoring teammates, sales training, and more
  • Feed scores into the sales commission application and calculate results
  • Present results back to sales teams in a dashboard

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