Compensar nearly doubled ecommerce transactions in a year using Oracle Cloud

Having a powerful online sales channel lets the virtual store create new customer loyalty strategies and improve the user experience.


Now the Compensar store is the preferred platform for our users when purchasing services, with a 66% share compared to our other sales channels.

Rafael Sánchez ArizaDigital Strategy Manager, Compensar

Compensar provides a wide range of services to improve its customers’ well-being and quality of life, with programs in health, recreation, culture, education, and more. The pandemic forced the company to offer virtual classes and an ecommerce platform to a population that was 100% accustomed to face-to-face interaction. Compensar relies on Oracle Commerce and Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to digitally serve and connect with customers. The online store generated more than 629,000 transactions in 2022 and revenue exceeded 46 billion Colombian pesos. Having a powerful, centralized online sales channel helped Compensar create new customer loyalty strategies, offer more than 15 means of payment, improve the user experience, and reduce expenses tied to physical operations.

Published:January 19, 2024