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Oracle Commerce is an ecommerce platform that helps B2C and B2B businesses connect customer and sales data from their CRM to their financial and operational data so they can offer personalized experiences to buyers across sales channels.

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B2B and B2C capabilities on one platform

Save time and reuse resources with a unified ecommerce platform. Simplify your technology ecosystem and lower your total cost of ownership without missing out on the benefits of a combined B2B and B2C solution.

Out-of-the-box features

Publish your site quickly and reduce implementation costs by taking advantage of features included with Oracle Commerce. Categorize audiences, recommend products, and deliver self-service experiences to your customers from one platform.

Extensive search functionality

Improve your customers’ search experience with features that consistently surface the products they want to purchase. Oracle Commerce’s search relies on machine learning to optimize results, curate specific products, and boost or bury results based on customer preferences. An intuitive user interface makes it easy for merchants to control day-to-day configurations, set up facet ordering and other ordering strategies, and manage keywords with a built-in thesaurus and predictive dictionary.

Multisite capabilities

Deliver multiple websites on the same scalable infrastructure with a single subscription to Oracle Commerce. Multisite capabilities make it easy to add country-specific, branded microsites as your business grows. A universal administration tool allows your teams to publish sites that engage their target audience—without the need to build from scratch.

Personalized product recommendations

Personalize experiences for authenticated (registered and logged in), recognized (registered, but not logged in), and anonymous users. Deliver contextually relevant upsells and cross-sells, expose more of your catalogue to the right customers, and drive higher order values with product recommendations based on unique data from your CRM.


Flexible deployment options

Oracle Commerce offers a cloud native solution, engineered as an API-first service with full REST support. Whether you want to leverage the provided storefront, go fully headless, or take a hybrid approach, you can choose the deployment option that’s right for your business.

Open Storefront Framework

Open Storefront Framework allows you to go even further with a modern approach that delivers efficient design, better reuse of components, and enhanced extensibility—without sacrificing expert business control. You can continue to optimize the digital experience that keeps your customers engaged and grows your business.

Business user tooling

ONontechnical business users can easily manage many daily tasks. Drag-and-drop tools and other intuitive UI features make traditionally complex IT tasks accessible to any business user. Meanwhile, developers can continue to create experiences on a platform built with React, enabling them to work with the systems they know best.

Intuitive user interfaces

Leverage unified admin tools, simplifying management and consolidating activities into a single interface. Oracle Commerce features different “studios” for developers and business users, with a drag-and-drop UI that makes it easier to complete everyday tasks.

Simplified integrations

The API and webhooks framework allow for faster, cheaper, less-complex integrations to Oracle, third-party, and homegrown solutions. Oracle Commerce features an adapter for Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) for drag-and-drop integrations and data mapping between Oracle and third-party applications.

Simplified ordering and account management

Deliver complete, self-service experiences on any channel for the increasingly self-sufficient buyer. Give customers the flexibility they want to explore and complete transactions on their own, while still giving them access to a rep if they so choose.

Configure, price, quote integration

Give self-service buyers the same intuitive tools that sales teams rely on with a CPQ solution integrated directly into the commerce experience. By giving customers the tools they need to navigate complex purchasing and configurations, your sales team can focus on high-value opportunities and efforts to grow the business.

Subscription management integration

Launch dynamic business models to better grow and stabilize your revenue with purchasing and ownership options that appeal to your customers. By enabling subscription management on self-service channels, customers can gain access to the features they need to create, monitor, and manage their orders and accounts.

Full-stack enterprise functionality

Oracle Commerce is built entirely on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), making it a full-stack solution that incorporates elements of security, governance, and Oracle Cloud applications in one ecommerce solution.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Designed to support mission-critical systems with consistent high performance, unmatched governance, and security controls, OCI makes Oracle the only true full-stack commerce technology vendor, all while maintaining a PCI-certified operational model.

Lower costs of ownership

Every Oracle Commerce customer gets a completely clean system, unlike many other cloud providers. This approach is possible because the entire system is owned by Oracle, which allows you to achieve performance gains and cost savings.

Consistent updates

Oracle Commerce pushes automatic updates on a regular cadence to customer’s preproduction environments. Customers can access the most modern technology faster, minimizing the need to manage upgrades or invest heavily in order to deliver innovation.

Leverage cloud capabilities

The Oracle Cloud helps merchants to meet their goals faster by providing a platform for fast development and innovation while substantially reducing your infrastructure footprint and simplifying integrations.

Why choose Oracle Commerce?

01Empower your customers

Customers want experiences that cater to their need for self-service. With Oracle Commerce, you can empower them to browse, build, and buy what they need quickly and efficiently. Give them the ownership they crave with self-service capabilities built directly in Oracle Commerce.

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02Make data your differentiator

Commerce is vital to your customer experience, but it can’t operate in a silo. Invest in front- to back-office integration with Oracle Commerce, Configure, Price, Quote, and ERP to elevate the buyer-seller relationship and deliver the right products to the right people.

Why integrating Commerce, ERP and CPQ unlocks opportunities (PDF)

03A solution that grows as you do

Ensure your commerce site can adapt to your customers and business’ needs. With an open and scalable platform that allows for multiple deployment options, your ability to innovate is only limited by your imagination.

04The cloud’s the limit

Enjoy a commerce solution hosted exclusively on Oracle Cloud. With automatic updates, access to countless extensions, and security and governance controls, your commerce solution comes with a peace of mind guarantee.

A second-generation cloud (PDF)
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Oracle offers a wide range of documentation, videos, and tutorials that will help you learn more about Oracle Commerce. You'll find all of these resources and more in the Oracle Help Center.

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