Oracle application developers rely on OCI to mitigate issues 80% faster

Oracle developers use OCI Logging Analytics to diagnose potential issues and meet service performance goals.


Our DevOps teams proactively identify and mitigate performance issues 80% faster than before with OCI Observability and Management’s Logging Analytics solution, which helps us fix problems before customers are impacted.

Nara GogineniVice President, SaaS Telemetry, Oracle

To help ensure the health of Oracle Fusion Application Suite services, company developers employ OCI Observability and Management Logging Analytics to analyze an extensive number of infrastructure and application logs, amounting to 250 terabytes and more than 300,000 log queries daily. The team also manages 40,000 databases powered by 400,000 CPU cores using OCI Database Management Cloud Service. To help mitigate potential impacts on customer experience and business operations, developers created saved searches and alerts driven by log patterns or queries. These efforts are supported by persona-driven dashboards powered by machine learning analytics and incorporate functionalities such as cluster and link provided by OCI Logging Analytics. Developers not only proactively detect and mitigate issues but also sustain their success amidst a 300% growth in their customer base.

Published:April 19, 2024