Raízen breaks customer engagement records with Oracle Responsys

Using Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Raízen’s Shell Box app achieves a record number of transactions in a single day.


It is delightful to see how a well-designed strategy associated with flawless execution can enrich the user experience, not to mention how technology can impact the daily lives of customers by bringing real benefits and advantages. And considering the longstanding relationship and successful partnerships in other cases, we realized that Oracle Responsys would be the right solution.

Maycon de Souza LimaSenior Growth and CRM Analyst, Shell Box App, Raízen

Business challenges

Founded in 2010 and licensed by Shell, Raízen is an integrated energy company and the fourth largest company in Brazil. Developed by Raízen, Shell Box is an app that enables customers to safely and conveniently pay for fueling at Shell stations and purchases at Shell Select convenience stores. It also provides access to an entire selection of benefits associated to Shell.

A key challenge for Raízen was to increase the number of transactions, fuel payments, and purchases at Shell Select convenience stores, as well as acquire new customers. The company envisaged ways to attract new customers, maintain active customers, and re-engage inactive customers thoughtfully and without diverting from major goals.

Oracle Responsys Campaign Management enabled the use of forms to improve customer profiling in communications campaigns.

Why Raízen chose Oracle

After reviewing system options, Oracle Responsys Campaign Management proved to be the exact solution Raízen's needed. The company found that Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, would provide access to real-time data and intelligence to build campaign strategies based on consumer behavior and demographics.

Oracle Responsys would also enable the use of forms to improve customer profiling in communications campaigns. Additionally, the implementation of channels such as email, push, and SMS would be essential steps in creating a comprehensive user experience.

In 2022, after implementing Oracle Responsys Campaigning Management, Raízen experienced the highest click-to-open rate of the year, beating the previous month by 51%.


With Oracle Responsys Campaign Management and gamification tools, the company sent a game via email to Shell Box customers with the goal to drive repeat purchases at Shell Select locations with rewards and prizes. Customer profiles and triggers for email and SMS messages were all done using Oracle Responsys Campaign Management. Raízen saw an increase in app usage, greater customer engagement, and the activation of customers who had not used the app for at least 180 days.

Several performance records were achieved with the use of Oracle Responsys, especially in the month of March 2022. During this time, the company experienced the highest click-to-open rate of the year, beating the previous month by 51%. The revenue was 129% higher than the previous month, 703% higher than January, and 78% higher than the two months combined. In addition, 30% more transactions were processed compared to the previous month.


Raízen relied on partner Pmweb to assist with implementing the project.

Published:January 27, 2023

About the customer

Specializing in the development of renewable energy solutions, Raízen is among the largest private business groups in Brazil, with 40,000 employees and 15,000 business partners throughout the country. The brand also controls the Shell Postos brand in Brazil.