TrueBlue connects people with work using Oracle Cloud Applications

The leader in specialized workforce solutions streamlines its back-office operations with Oracle to help employers and workers find the best matches.


I don’t have to worry about our data centers. I mean, we’re with Oracle, we are in the cloud now. As the CFO, that feels really good.

Derrek GaffordExecutive Vice President and CFO, TrueBlue

Business challenges

For more than 30 years, TrueBlue has been committed to putting people to work and helping change lives. Connecting more than 700,000 people with jobs each year, the company’s specialized workforce solutions meet clients’ needs for a reliable, efficient workforce in a wide variety of industries.

Over the years, TrueBlue grew through acquisitions and organic expansion, leaving it at one point with over 20 legacy financial and human resources systems. With such a complex technological network, these systems would overlap or conflict with one another, resulting in a lot of headaches for employees and leadership. TrueBlue’s staff needed to make a significant number of manual workarounds simply to complete payroll. 

On top of that, maintaining and upgrading all the on-premises legacy systems was becoming costly and time-consuming, ultimately reducing efficiency and hindering the company’s ability to grow.

With Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud ERP, TrueBlue gained a system that allowed HR and finance to easily talk to one another.

Why TrueBlue chose Oracle

TrueBlue recognized that a change needed to be made and started assessing various cloud vendors to address its challenges. In the end, the company selected Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) for the applications’ scalability, connectivity, and cloud-native infrastructure.

Having a centralized, unified solution for the company’s finance and HR data would alleviate the struggles created by more than 20 legacy systems and enable faster, more efficient processes, such as payroll. Without grappling with making these fragmented systems work together, employees could eliminate the frustrating workarounds, while the automation of Oracle Cloud Applications would help further reduce day-to-day manual processes.

With Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM running on Oracle Cloud, TrueBlue could also move out of its data centers, reducing the resources required to maintain them. The cloud model would also improve scalability, a key focus for the company as it continued to grow.

With Oracle Cloud Applications, TrueBlue cut three days from its close cycle and three days from analysis.


Thanks to Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM, TrueBlue created a unified system for its finance and HR data, reducing the time and resources required to maintain numerous systems. The streamlined environment enabled the company to make smarter, data-driven decisions. For example, during the budgeting process, TrueBlue now plans future initiatives with improved visibility from the strategic side and the financial side. Oracle Cloud Applications also unlocked new ways of expanding the business, such as enhancing workforce analytics that provide insights on the talent that the company has and the talent it needs.

TrueBlue also reduced the number of manual processes and workarounds in the past network of fragmented systems. This made both the finance and HR departments much more efficient. After implementing Oracle Cloud Applications, the company cut three days from its close cycle and three days from analysis, becoming nearly a week faster with its back-office processes.

Employees also gained more time and freedom to focus on strategic initiatives such as how to run branches better and how to deliver services faster. With Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM, employees access the data they need, leading to more meaningful human interactions that help drive the business forward. Today TrueBlue is more empowered to achieve its goals, bring more high-quality talent to its customers, and ultimately change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Published:February 27, 2023

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Based in Tacoma, Washington, TrueBlue provides staffing, workforce management, recruitment process outsourcing, and managed service-provider solutions.