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Acquire, retain, and deepen customer relationships

CrowdTwist product tour

Welcome to Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement

Create meaningful long-term relationships with your customers. Boost customer loyalty by understanding their needs and preferences and building personalized experiences for them.

Why choose CrowdTwist

Rethink customer loyalty

With Oracle CrowdTwist, you can incentivize and collect actionable data from your customer at every touchpoint. Using our out-of-the-box widgets, you can create loyalty programs that track and reward different kinds of customer engagement and spending.

Continue this tour to see how CrowdTwist helps you gather rich, first-party data, create personalized customer experiences, and incentivize ongoing customer engagement.

First party data for loyalty

Gather rich, first-party data

Capture and connect data across physical and digital touchpoints. Then, combine this data with a person's brand engagement, social influence, and spending to build first-party profiles offering a 360-degree customer view.

Provide customers loyalty options

Personalize customer experiences

Move past traditional spend-to-get loyalty programs to create true cross-channel customer loyalty solutions.

Use captured data to target your most valuable customers and drive engagement by building personalized messaging and experiences at every interaction.

Self identify as loyalty member

Self-identification capabilities

Encourage customers to self-identify as brand loyalists and share their preferences while collecting unique first-party data through loyalty incentives and activities.

CrowdTwist self-service control center

Self-service control center

Manage all aspects of your loyalty program, including campaign and reward management and member care, with the CrowdTwist Control Center—a client-facing self-service program and member management tool.

Drive purchases through loyalty

Recognize all purchase behavior

Collect and drive purchase behavior across channels through our flexible ecommerce and campaign capabilities.

Drive customer engagement and loyalty

Drive engagement and loyalty

Customize and create an endless number of engagement opportunities that collect customer data and deepen customer/brand connections.

Offer loyalty reward options

Provide the right reward to the right customer

Build deeper, long-term customer relationships by offering them more than just a discount. Build and deliver loyalty programs that members find valuable and rewarding. Identify the right audience and rewards to maximize redemption and engagement.

Create personalized loyalty experiences

Offer personalized experiences based on segmentation

Use segmentation to group loyalty members based on stated preferences and observed behavior. Create unique audiences and serve them relevant activities and rewards. Deepen relationships and reduce your dependency on discounts and mass promotions to protect your margins.

CrowdTwist reporting tools 

Self-service business intelligence and reporting tools

Gain program and member insights in a visual format. Oracle CrowdTwist’s reporting capabilities provide valuable insights regarding user enrollment and demographics, points accounting, rewards and coupon redemption, program engagement, and purchase transactions.

Loyalty member portal 

Customer service and member care

Assist and mitigate customer service inquiries with an easy-to-use member care portal. It provides the ability to enroll or look up existing members and check activity, purchase and reward history, and more.

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CrowdTwist powers the most innovative and engaging loyalty programs in the market today. Devise loyalty programs that acquire, retain, and deepen relationships with customers. By using customer experience as a key differentiator, you can grow customer lifetime value through increased frequency and retention.

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