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Oracle is the leader in Revenue Performance Management

2022 Ventana Research Value Index

Oracle is an Exemplary Vendor, ranking first overall in the 2022 Ventana Research Value Index for Revenue Performance Management (RPM)

Our strong data foundation and advanced Oracle Sales Performance Management solution helps align sales strategies, attain business goals, and grow top-line revenue.

Don’t just meet your revenue goals, exceed them

As your goals grow year over year but your resources stay the same, it may be time to rethink your revenue game plan. At Oracle, we believe revenue performance management (RPM) isn’t just the Chief Revenue Officer’s (CRO’s) responsibility. It’s a direct result of different functions, lines of business, and integrated applications coming together to achieve a common goal. That’s why we’ve built a broad and unified suite of applications across sales, operations, finance, and beyond—to ensure your entire business operates seamlessly as one team.

As stated in this report, “Oracle Sales Performance Management offers advanced tools for incentive compensation, quota management, and territory management. Fueled by a strong data foundation and machine learning, the solution helps you increase revenue by aligning individual sales goals with your company’s sales strategy.”

Oracle Sales is part of a complete suite of revenue applications that share the same data model and connects processes across sales planning, sales performance management, configure, price, quote (CPQ), and subscription management. Connected back-office, customer, and real-time data generates ideal sales plans and revenue visibility to guide sellers with intelligent recommendations to better understand and engage your customers.

Oracle Sales ranked first overall for Product Experience, and is a Value Index Leader in:

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Adaptably
  • Manageability
  • Capability
  • Customer Experience
  • Validation
B2B buyers have changed how they want to spend money, demanding buying experiences on their own terms. But manual processes and intuition still drive many organizations' revenue strategies and processes, risking their ability to meet customer needs and reach their revenue goals. Today's businesses need complete revenue visibility with an end-to-end system to help create and adjust sales plans, territories, and quotas, while streamlining the incentive compensation payments process for their sales orgs. That is why we are thrilled to be recognized as the top leader in the 2022 Ventana Research Value Index for Revenue Performance Management and to be the preferred partner for B2B organizations as they embark on their own revenue journeys.

Katrina Gosek Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

Build a holistic revenue lifecycle

Identify, measure, and predict new revenue opportunities to make your organization more efficient and accessible with Oracle’s front- and back-office solutions—all on a single, unified platform.


Outperform your own expectations with Oracle Sales Performance Management

Motivate both direct and indirect sellers with real-time visibility into revenue and their commissions, rebates, bonuses, and other variable compensation. Oracle Sales Performance Management offers native territory and quota management for sales managers to allocate opportunities appropriately and set their teams up for success on day one. Highlight pipeline, revenue performance, compensation history, and essential KPIs with real-time reports and dashboards for reps and sales leaders.

Oracle Sales connects sales performance and operational processes to:

  • Increase rep productivity and efficiency
  • Grow revenue and save money
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention

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Build better plans for your entire team with Oracle Sales Planning

Give your sales organization complete visibility into revenue data and goals through the lens of existing and future organizational hierarchies. With Oracle Sales Planning, operations can effectively predict outcomes and future success based on historic revenue and other data. Even the most complex selling organizations can roll out data-driven sales plans quickly and efficiently with intelligent insights.

Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and hello to better decisions with Oracle Sales Planning. Create better, more accurate plans with the following capabilities:

  • Quota and commission planning and modeling
  • Territory modeling
  • Account segmentation
  • Advanced sales forecasting
  • Key account planning for data-driven trade promotions
  • Insights to uncover patterns and predictions for more accurate forecasts

We get it. Building a plan isn’t easy, whether you’re a sales executive developing a revenue roadmap, a sales manager setting annual goals, or a seller creating a quota attainment strategy. That is why Oracle Sales gives you the resources you need to confidently build and track your plans with precision. We believe everyone should have access to real-time, complete sales insights that are personalized, relevant, and actionable.

Never second-guess yourself or your goals again with Oracle Sales Planning advanced forecasting and AI-driven insights. Oracle Advanced Forecasting uses predictive forecasts to eliminate tedious, manual reporting, giving you more time to build your plans and analyze your results. Using financial and operational data, Oracle Advanced Forecasting automatically selects the best model to develop the most accurate performance and attainment predictions. Craft and combine your sales forecasts based on the attributes and dimensions that work best for your business.

Add science to the art of planning by measuring business insights from the past, present, and future. IPM Insights (PDF) measures biases between forecast and actuals, detects anomalies in your sales and revenue performance, and tracks insights between machine and human predictions to help you uncover hidden correlations and act faster.

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Anticipate what’s next with connected planning

To automate and improve planning processes, you need high-quality data from every line of business. Connecting your front- and back-office gives sales operations direct access to key financials to set accurate quotas, forecasts, and plans and see how sales performance is affecting the financial forecast. Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)feed real-time data into your CRM to help sales make better decisions. Our connected approach helps customers improve margins by 35% and decrease planning cycle times by 30%. Our connected approach helps customers improve margins by 35% and decrease planning cycle times by 30%.

Explore connected planning


Drive revenue and results with data you can trust

Customers are at the heart of Revenue Performance Management, and understanding how revenue flows up to your parent selling accounts is the first step on any revenue journey. Automatically manage account and contact information and detect duplicates with Oracle Sales’ native Customer Data Management (CDM). When combined with Datafox, Customer Data Management uses AI to surface valuable insights to craft highly balanced territories and quotas that meet your unique revenue needs.

Native intelligence provides quick access to complete, connected data across your business and insights to make more informed decisions, faster. We designed our business intelligence tools for business users, with no coding required to create or modify reports.

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See why Oracle scored higher than any vendor for RPM

Oracle Sales

Eliminate time-consuming, manual data entry and give sellers the time, tools, and data they need to hit their goals and grow your top-line.

Securing the future of sales success with revenue optimization

Drive revenue growth with a solid sales performance management strategy at its core.