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Universal Credit Services

Product Pay As You Go (1,000,000 API Calls Per Month) Monthly Flex (1,000,000 API Calls Per Month) Additional Details
Oracle Messaging Cloud Service
  • An API call is an HTTP request to the REST API
  • The Java Client API is an implementation of the Java Message Service (JMS) that makes HTTP requests to the REST API. In some cases, a single JMS method invocation will correspond to multiple HTTP requests
  • Up to 100 concurrent connections may be established


Product 10 concurrent connections per month Additional Details
Oracle Messaging Cloud Service US$300
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Send and receive messages using the REST API or using the JMS 1.1 API through the Java library
  • Communicate point-to-point with queues or publish/subscribe with topics
  • Dynamically create and manage destinations
  • Simple data blending and mashup
  • Group multiple send and receive operations into atomic units using transactions
  • Push messages as HTTP requests from the cloud to on-premises systems