Oracle Database to Autonomous Database Migration

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Oracle Database Migration Methods Advisor

Discover the best way migrate your on-premises Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud.

Use Oracle's free online database migration advisor to help you identify your options to migrate an on-premises Oracle Database to Oracle Autonomous Database in Oracle Cloud. The advisor tool allows you to select the characteristics of the source database and the requirements for the migration to identify the most suitable migration methods.

To launch the free online database migration advisor, click here.

Provision new Autonomous Database

Autonomous Database is a fully automated service that makes it easy for all organizations to deploy application workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Autonomous Database delivers the highest performance, availability, and security for OLTP, analytics, batch, and Internet of Things (IoT) workloads.

With Oracle Autonomous Database, it takes just a few clicks and about two minutes to create a complete data management platform of any size that supports any type of workload. Use your new database for departmental reporting, enterprise analytics or sophisticated transaction processing. Or anything in between! It couldn't be easier.

Provision new Autonomous Database

Prepare on-premises source database

The Oracle Database Migration Methods Advisor will recommend one of the following services to manage your migration to Autonomous Database. Please read the appropriate service guide to help you correctly configure your source database for the migration process:

Autonomous Database migrations with Database Migration Service

OCI Database Migration (DMS) provides a self-service experience for on-premises to Autonomous Database migration. The service runs as a managed cloud service separate from the user’s tenancy and resources.

OCI Database Migration Service Guide (PDF)

Autonomous Database migration with Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) is a simple, automated solution for moving Oracle Databases into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle Zero Downtime Migration supports direct and seamless migration of Oracle Databases to any Oracle-owned infrastructure, including Exadata Database Machine on-premises, Exadata Cloud at Customer, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration Service Guide (PDF)

Run test migration

Now you are ready to run a test migration to move your existing database schemas to Autonomous Database. The following videos will help guide you through the migration process:

If you are using Oracle Database Migration Service...

The following video walks you through a typical migration process using Oracle Database Migration Service.

Validate successful migration

After running a test migration, the next step is to do a schema comparison. This will help you identify differences in database object definitions between your source database your newly populated Autonomous Database.

Schema Comparison Tools

Oracle Enterprise Manager - If you are familiar with Enterprise Manager and are licensed for the specific for the change management pack. For more information, click here.

SQL Developer Desktop edition contains a free database schema comparison tool.

For more information, read the following blog post: SQL Developer Database Diff - Compare Objects From Multiple Schemas

Download the latest version of SQL Developer Desktop.

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