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Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is a rack-scale engineered system that delivers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)-compatible compute, storage, and networking on-premises. It lets customers rapidly deploy applications, middleware, and workloads using built-in automation in an OCI-like environment. Private Cloud Appliance is designed for customers who want a cloud-like development and deployment experience while adhering to data residency requirements.

Announcing Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer—Run OCI Compute anywhere

Join Edward Screven, executive vice president and chief corporate architect at Oracle, to learn how Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer allows you to use distributed cloud resources anywhere you need them.

Private Cloud Appliance features

Key differentiators

Prebuilt for faster deployment

Integrated infrastructure, virtualization, and management accelerates deployment times.

Integration simplifies management

Built-in, full-stack management and patching speeds application deployment while reducing operating expenses for customers’ IT departments.

Portability between public and private clouds

OCI-compatible APIs, SDKs, and management tools enable customers to create and deploy applications in consistent infrastructure-as-code environments on a private cloud and in OCI.

Trusted partitions reduce software costs

Trusted partitions using flexible VM shapes enable organizations to license software on small portions of the Private Cloud Appliance. Reducing the software licenses required lowers the cost of running Oracle Database and applications compared to other solutions.

Integrated software reduces total cost of ownership

Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Cloud Native Environment, and KVM virtualization software are included with the support contract, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Deployment automation

Automatic network configuration

High-performance, low-latency software-defined networking (SDN) automates compute and storage network configuration so customers can run workloads on optimized infrastructure.

Container automation

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) is a managed Kubernetes service that simplifies the operations of enterprise-grade Kubernetes at scale. It lets you deploy Kubernetes clusters and support reliable operations for both the control plane and the worker nodes with automatic scaling, patching, and security updates. OKE on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance brings basic cluster capabilities on-premises, reducing overall utilization and delivering modernization, consolidation, and lower total cost of ownership.

Rapid design and prototyping

OCI Designer Toolkit is a standalone, open source design tool for Oracle Cloud that enables customers to rapidly design and prototype Private Cloud Appliance infrastructure.

Integrated management

Terraform scripts simplify IT manager tasks by automating infrastructure provisioning. Administrators can manage Oracle Private Cloud Appliance from a single dashboard.

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Lower costs

Complete, quick-to-install solution

A prebuilt, precabled, integrated solution with hardware, software, and management provides customers with agile, intelligent infrastructure.

Inclusive pricing

Oracle Cloud Native Environment, KVM virtualization, and Oracle operating system software are included at no added cost.

Simple scaling

Compute nodes can be added or removed from Oracle Private Cloud Appliance configurations without downtime to maximize application uptime and minimize TCO.

Single-vendor solution

Oracle support with bundled, full-stack patching simplifies the troubleshooting and patching of customer application infrastructure.

Performance and scale

Full-stack performance optimization

Optimizing compute servers, storage, and system software to work together can accelerate crucial customer workloads by up to 40% compared to traditional DIY architectures, as described in CSP Brazil’s video.

High-performance servers

Each compute node uses the latest AMD EPYC processors with 6.7 TB to 26.8 TB of memory to run customer workloads at top speed.

Built-in storage

A high-performance Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is tightly integrated into every Private Cloud Appliance, so I/O-intensive customer workloads such as OLTP, data warehousing, and heavily virtualized environments can run as quickly as possible.

Simple scaling eases growth

With independent scaling of compute resources from 552 to 2,208 CPU cores and storage from 150 TB to 3.65 PB, customers can economically meet evolving workload requirements.

Integrated management

Software-defined networking

Customers can reduce deployment and management complexity by running multiple Private Cloud Appliance internal networks over a single physical network.

Comprehensive monitoring and visualization

Prometheus and Grafana provide monitoring and visualization solutions that simplify customer IT team workloads by enabling full-stack solution management, including Kubernetes container deployments.

Real-time insights

Advanced management and analytics enable enterprises to quickly understand why individual workloads create performance-limiting congestion.

Multitenancy increases security

Cloud-like tenancy and granular storage encryption enables companies to support up to eight separate customer-managed tenancies per system.


Cloud portability

Private Cloud Appliance enables customers to more easily migrate infrastructure configuration, workloads, and data between private and public clouds using OCI-compatible APIs and tools.

Consistent development experience

Deploying workloads in both Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Oracle Cloud provides customers with a consistent development experience, including the use of the same APIs, SDKs, and tools.

Cloud native support

The Oracle Cloud Native Environment enables developers to quickly create and easily scale containerized applications using Kubernetes.

Common capabilities

Common tooling, operational approaches, and skill sets between Private Cloud Appliance and OCI reduce management duplication and accelerate time to value when deploying applications, components, and middleware across cloud and on-premises environments.

Full-stack management

Full integration, management automation, and single-bundle patching reduce the need for costly IT staffing in remote customer locations.

High availability

High availability architecture

The same proven technologies used in Oracle Exadata and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure maximize uptime for customer workloads.

High availability design increases uptime

With three fault domains for compute and no single point of failure for storage and networking, crucial customer applications can run through device failures.

Zero downtime patching and upgrades

Most appliance patching, maintenance, and upgrades can be completed with zero downtime appliance upgrades that won’t interrupt operations.

Built-in business continuity

Built-in VM-level disaster recovery utilizing Oracle Site Guard between multiple locations enables IT teams to quickly restore normal customer operations in case of an emergency, supporting 24/7 operations.

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Product details

Embedded controller software

Embedded controller software streamlines installation in customer data centers while reducing configuration and management by IT teams.

Integrated management

Central monitoring, metering, and self-service portal capabilities make it easy for IT teams to deploy infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) capabilities.

Multitenant isolation

Eight isolated tenancies enable secure multitenant deployments in service provider and enterprise environments.

High-speed networking

With 100 GbE internal networking and a choice of 10/25/40/100 GbE connectivity to other systems in customer data centers, customers can maximize the performance of crucial application workloads.

Direct Exadata connectivity

Connecting Oracle Private Cloud Appliance to Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance provides high performance and secure application-to-database connectivity for a scalable, multitier application infrastructure.

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Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer—Run OCI Compute anywhere

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer is a fully managed, rack-scale distributed cloud platform that lets you use OCI computing, storage, and networking infrastructure services anywhere. Remotely managed by Oracle, it lets you gain the benefits of cloud automation and economics while meeting data residency requirements by controlling the location of your data and its processing. By running cloud native and traditional applications on the same fully managed cloud platform in your data center, you’ll need fewer resources and can easily move workloads to and from the cloud.

Distributed cloud

Run applications and middleware in a location of your choosing using OCI Compute, with the same storage, networking services, and management console as OCI regions.

Data residency and control

Maintain full control over your data’s location and always encrypt it to help meet data privacy and residency requirements.

Low latency

Deploy applications and data close to your customers or latency-sensitive data center resources to improve customer experiences and application performance.

Optimized infrastructure

Use scalable and cost-effective OCI Compute with flexible VM shapes, storage, and networking services, and consume only the amount you need.

Flexible application deployment

Develop and run cloud native and traditional applications using fast, scalable compute, storage, and networking infrastructure and different guest operating systems on different VMs.

Infrastructure as code

A single Terraform script can provision services and applications across your distributed Oracle Cloud using the same services and APIs as OCI.


Pay for only the resources you consume with flexible compute and storage subscriptions and a consumption-based pricing model.

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Customer successes with distributed cloud

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance use cases

  • Host secure, multitenant private clouds

    Create a secure, highly available, multitenant private cloud using Oracle Private Cloud Appliance so end user customers can quickly deploy high performance applications while closely managing costs.

  • Simplify workload support

    Reduce the complexity of supporting enterprise and cloud native workloads while increasing performance with a scalable Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.

  • Meet financial regulations using a private cloud

    Create a cardholder data environment that helps merchants comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements using Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.

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  • Lower application infrastructure costs

    Reduce the total cost of running Oracle applications and databases with Private Cloud Appliance’s trusted partitioning licensing, cost-effective scalability, and management automation.

December 14, 2023

Introducing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance X10

Tanmay Dhuri, Senior Product Manager
Saurabh Baijal, Principal Product Manager

Private Cloud Appliance is a rack-scale engineered system delivering Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)-compatible APIs, SDKs, and management tools on-premises, making workloads, user experiences, tool sets, and skills portable between private and public clouds.

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