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Oracle Banking Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management Cloud Service

Oracle Banking Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management Cloud Service is an enterprise application that enables banks to manage their credit exposure by centralizing the limits definition process and collateral management. The solution offers real-time exposure tracking, credit facility creation and renewal, collateral pooling, and collateral revaluation and supports multicurrency, multientity, and multi-instance operations.

Centralize exposure management and proactively monitor risk across corporate banking services.

Explore Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management Cloud Service

  • Gain support for more than 40 types of collateral.
  • Maintain haircut margins at the collateral type level to determine the lendable value.
  • Pool multiple collaterals and define the percentage each piece of collateral contributes to the pool.
  • Link collateral pools to limits/credit facilities.
  • Specify the order of utilization for collaterals within a pool.
  • Offer collateral revaluation at the desired frequency.
  • Help maintain covenants and link them with collaterals.
  • Get details about overall collateral utilization and collateral earmarking.
  • Track exposures online in real time with enterprisewide, multicurrency, multidimensional credit limit structures.
  • Support hierarchical structures for credit facilities whereby an overall credit facility can be provided with subfacilities.
  • Support multilevel, hierarchical limit structures, with no limit on the number of sublevels.
  • Maintain various restrictions for products, currencies, branches, customers, tenors, and so on to meet bank requirements.
  • Maintain covenants and link them to facilities for tracking.
  • Define facilities at the liability group (company’s group structure) level and liability level.
  • Help ensure accuracy by tracking utilization to individual transactions.
  • Define limit schedules, transfer limits, place restrictions, and link collaterals.
  • Track exposure by customer, product, business line, geography, and industry.
  • Provide centralized online tracking of multicurrency limits for all transactions.
  • Conduct limit monitoring against sublimits that are directly linked to credit exposures.
  • Track all utilizations of any product online in real time.
  • Ensure that a customer’s liability to the bank at a given point in time remains within a predefined limit.
  • SaaS: Decrease time to market with rapid provisioning, and lower up-front costs with a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Public cloud: Host the application on Oracle Cloud or any public cloud.
  • On-premises: Host the application in your own data center.

Why choose Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management Cloud Service

Oracle’s application suite is a complete, end-to-end solution for enterprise limits and collateral management. It supports the maintenance and management of overall liability for the customer, the recording of collaterals, facility lines, and the tracking of utilization against granted facilities.

01Enhanced, customer-centric, centralized limits management

Provide a consolidated view of all customer credit data, including a facility and collateral summary, to better manage each corporate customer’s legal entity hierarchy.

02Multilevel, multicurrency limits tracking

Centralize the online tracking of multicurrency limits, and set and track limits for a single funded facility granted to a customer at both the customer group level and customer level.

03Real-time exposure management

Monitor, control, and report the bank’s exposure to key stakeholders and regulators in real time.

04Centralized collateral management

Offer a solution that can onboard, maintain, and handle the complete lifecycle management of collaterals for effective credit management.

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