Oracle Banking Supply Chain Finance Cloud Service

Built on a microservices architecture, Oracle Banking Supply Chain Finance Cloud Service is a comprehensive digital, front-to-back solution that enables the full lifecycle of supply chain finance and factoring across receivables and payables, offering supplier-centric and buyer-centric financing.

Quick start supply chain financing with a world-class digital solution.

Explore Oracle Banking Supply Chain Finance Cloud Service

Deliver timely financing with a prebuilt and preconfigured supply chain finance solution that has everything you need to bring new products to market faster and efficiently manage buyers and suppliers on the same platform.

All-in-one supply chain finance operations

  • Wide range of supply chain finance techniques
  • On-the-fly product configuration
  • Flexible, automated workflows
  • Easy integration to third-party services

Business value—driven by data

  • Real-time analytics and monitoring dashboards
  • Real-time status updates and alert notifications
  • Email and SMS notifications and customized reports

Enhanced operations and reduced costs

  • Complete automation and straight-through processing (STP) of disbursement and liquidation processes
  • Preconfigured for best practices

Superior omnichannel experience

  • Self-service capabilities when paired with Oracle Banking Digital Experience
  • Web-based portal access for business partners
  • Streamlined, intuitive user interface

High configurability

  • On-the-fly product creation reduces time to market
  • Highly configurable workflow

Counterparty onboarding

  • Hassle-free and seamless self-onboarding of counterparties (customer’s suppliers or buyers) with end-to-end support for all stages of the onboarding process

Complete automation

  • Parameterized automated funding disbursement and repayment handling to enhance operational capabilities and efficiencies
  • Automated capture of scanned invoices lets you replace paper-based documents with e-documents, resulting in low transaction costs and paper-free processing

Robust technology

  • Ease of integration supports RESTful services that can easily integrate with other applications within your bank’s ecosystem

Invoice and PO lifecycle management

  • Automatic data capture from scanned invoices reduces manual effort and saves time
  • Manual enrichment/correction of data further trains the machine learning model
  • Invoice amendment
  • Auto/manual acceptance of invoices
  • Invoice dispute management and payments

Smart reconciliations

  • User-defined rules for reconciliation
  • Multiple reconciliation options: one-many, many-one, etc.
  • Invoice-payment and finance-payment reconciliation
  • Reconciliation based on rules, such as FIFO, LIFO, etc.
  • Automatic settlement of a finance transaction

Risk control

  • Automated credit checks
  • Invoice duplication checks
  • Finance eligibility checks
  • Dispute management
  • Exception handling through workflow

Monitoring and tracking

  • Supports various limit types, including credit cover, concentrate, advance payment, invoice, finance, recourse, and more
  • Pool-based limits definition for effective limit utilization
  • Configurable dashboards, reports, and analytics for real-time exposure tracking and monitoring

Microservices architecture

  • Open standard microservices architecture
  • API-first interoperability
  • Extensible and prebuilt platform
  • Scalable and resilient
  • Continuous deployment and continuous integration
  • Up and running in minutes—from anywhere—with minimal costs

Smart operations

  • Workflow-based transaction management
  • Single window processing: limits and interest
  • Natural language processing and machine learning for data extraction
  • Automated disbursements and settlements
  • Persona-centric dashboards for bank users
  • Intelligent approvals through management by exception

Key benefits of Oracle Banking Supply Chain Finance Cloud

01Business process automation

Automated workflows ensure straight-through processes while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Gain real-time visibility into transactions and eliminate manual processes.

02Connected experience

Seamless, multichannel experience across all touchpoints removes all channel barriers. Different access points can be used to begin and end the process. Self-service capabilities improve customer satisfaction.

03Centralized system

Reuse customer data and application services with a single, unified system for reverse factoring as well as supplier, payable, and receivable finance. Gain a 360-degree view of customers and provide a faster turnaround.

04Paperless processing

Process transactions faster while enhancing operational efficiency, reducing errors, lowering costs, and improving the speed of communication. Provides greater convenience with ability to set up parameters.

05Third-party API integration

Seamless third-party integration of back- and front-office applications provides faster turnaround, parallel processing, and collaboration between participants. Easily integrate with external vendors and credit bureaus to perform customer identification, AML, and KYC checks. Meet changing regulatory requirements.

06Seamless onboarding

Provide a faster and more transparent onboarding experience. Easily onboard customers and their counterparts along with their basic details.

07Flexibility for business

Speed up your time to market and improve customer experience with a wide range of flexible options for finance product attributes. Need-based features can be created on the fly.

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