Sovereign AI

Achieve AI sovereignty with increased control over where you run your AI workloads and how you manage data and operate infrastructure with Oracle AI and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) distributed cloud solutions.

What is sovereign AI?

Sovereign AI refers to a government’s or organization’s control over AI technologies and associated data. This often includes how the AI technologies are deployed and operated, including the hardware and software infrastructure used to build and operate the AI technologies as well as the policies and personnel used to operate the AI technologies and protect the data.

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How OCI can help achieve AI sovereignty

Deploying AI on distributed cloud

OCI delivers its AI capabilities with more than 100 cloud services deployed in the public cloud or in a customer’s data center. OCI’s distributed cloud offers a range of deployment models, including OCI Dedicated Region, Oracle Alloy, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, and Oracle Government Cloud.

High performance AI infrastructure

Whether you’re looking to perform inferencing or fine-tuning or train large scale-out models for generative AI, OCI offers industry-leading bare metal and virtual machine GPU cluster options powered by an ultrahigh-bandwidth network on commercial, government, sovereign, and dedicated regions.

Integrated approach to AI

Oracle offers an integrated stack of AI infrastructure, machine learning, and generative AI for data platforms, AI services, and applications with embedded AI. Oracle AI partners and ISVs help customers accelerate the development and deployment of production-ready AI with the control and security they need.

  • AI infrastructure
    Benefit from powerful compute infrastructure combined with cluster networking and high performance storage delivered over distributed cloud.
  • AI services
    Add prebuilt models to your applications to leverage AI that can be customized with your own data for improved model quality.
  • AI ISVs
    Accelerate and streamline AI innovation with help from our partners.
  • Applications
    Embedded AI capabilities directly inside applications surface insights that support your key business functions.
  • Generative AI
    Choose from managed open source or proprietary LLMs. Fine-tune prebuilt models and augment them with your own data.

Oracle and NVIDIA to Deliver Sovereign AI Worldwide

Oracle and NVIDIA are collaborating to deliver accelerated computing and generative AI services that establish digital sovereignty and manage proprietary national and personal data.

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Try Oracle AI and get a 30-day trial

Oracle offers a free pricing tier for most AI services as well as a free trial account with US$300 in credits to try additional cloud services. AI services are a collection of offerings, including generative AI, with prebuilt machine learning models that make it easier for developers to apply AI to applications and business operations.

  • Which Oracle AI and ML services offer a free pricing tier?

    • OCI Speech
    • OCI Language
    • OCI Vision
    • OCI Document Understanding
    • Machine Learning in Oracle Database
    • OCI Data Labeling

    You also only have to pay compute and storage charges for OCI Data Science.

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Oracle Cloud pricing is simple, with consistent low pricing worldwide, supporting a wide range of use cases. To estimate your low rate, check out the cost estimator and configure the services to suit your needs.

Access AI subject matter experts

Get help with building your next AI solution or deploying your workload on OCI AI infrastructure.

  • They can answer questions such as

    • How do I get started with Oracle Cloud?
    • What kinds of AI workloads can I run on OCI?
    • What types of AI services does OCI offer?