Workforce resource planning

Meet your increased staffing needs and combat staff burnout. Oracle Health’s solutions combine automation and creativity to help you address these organizational challenges head-on.

Clinical workforce planning and workload management

Determine your present and future staffing needs and effectively serve high-acuity populations by aligning caregiver skills with patient conditions using our real-time health system workload and workforce planning solutions.

Turn clinically driven data into informed workforce decisions

A hospital’s workforce is its biggest expense, so it’s critical to plan appropriately and align staffing levels with the demands of individual patient care. Oracle Health Workforce Management and Oracle Health Workload Management solutions leverage data from many sources to objectively forecast staffing needs based on individual patient conditions and assign the most appropriate caregiver.

Workforce planning suite

Maintain adequate coverage and equitable call-sharing with an automated scheduling tool that accounts for the complex rules of individual physician, nursing, and ancillary groups.

Workload suite

Build staffing levels based on the skill sets required to achieve the next level of wellness for patients. Track, measure, and predict patient-specific care demands so you can allocate the right staff for optimal outcomes.

Manage your patient load and staffing needs

Creatively equip your existing care team with virtual care technology while planning future innovation. For example, provide flexible hours with a mix of bedside and virtual care shifts and reduce the administrative workload for bedside nurses.

Relieve the administrative burden

Incorporate virtual staffing and workflows to take on some of the responsibilities of in-person care.

Reimagine inefficient workflows

Streamline processes to improve overall operations and alleviate costs caused by inefficiencies.

Ease the documentation burden

Redefine the essential clinical dataset to remove unnecessary documentation elements in the EHR.

Our electronic health record provider has been a tremendous help. They've helped us leverage lessons learned from other healthcare systems that have been exploring virtual care and provided support on the ground as we're going live. They've been amazing.

Crystal Thomas, RN, BSN Senior Director, Clinical Informatics, Universal Health Services

Key benefits of workforce resource planning

  • Patient-centered care

    Keep the patient, their safety, and quality of care at the center with workload balance.

  • Clinician satisfaction

    Improve workforce vitality—ensure your clinicians work at the top of their license based on patient acuity.

  • Operational efficiency

    Optimize revenue and total staffing costs by introducing virtual care into clinical workflows.

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