Developer Resources

Oracle Health provides third-party developers access to Oracle Health Millennium API documentation, best practice guidelines, and tools to help enable app development and deployment.

Innovation acceleration

If you’re a developer looking to build on Oracle Health Millennium Platform, the Oracle Health Developer Program offers Oracle Health Millennium API documentation, best practice guidelines, and a testing sandbox to get you started down the innovation path.

  • The path to commercialization

    When your app is market ready, Oracle PartnerNetwork can streamline your journey and help you gain the skills and Oracle expertise you need to earn customer trust and relevancy.

  • Developer Community

    In the spirit of open collaboration, visit our developer forum to share your technical questions. Our passionate developer community is where you can share your knowledge or gain knowledge from others.

Browse Oracle Healthcare Marketplace

Explore a selection of validated apps to see how developers have used Oracle Health APIs to bring their ideas to life. Connect with technology partners to schedule a demo, get a price quote, or request more information.

Development resources

Access the documentation, education, and information you need to get started connecting apps and devices to Oracle Health Millennium Platform.



  • Learn how to leverage the power of the HL7® FHIR® standard in your SMART app using the SMART app tutorial.
  • Oracle LiveLabs provides access to Oracle’s tools and technologies for running a wide variety of labs and workshops.
  • OPENLink is a full-featured interface engine designed for creating, modifying, maintaining, and monitoring interfaces in a variety of configurations. Learn more in our OpenLink course.


General API access and fees

Learn how to register applications for consumer access and provider or system access.

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