Oracle Healthcare Foundation

Help your organization reduce costs, enhance patient outcomes, and improve financial results with analytics that support financial and clinical decision-making. Oracle Healthcare Foundation is a unified healthcare analytics platform that simplifies and supports data unification and warehousing for use in clinical, financial, administrative, and omics reporting modules.

Data insights for healthcare solutions

Aggregate data from disparate sources

The Oracle Healthcare Foundation platform helps your organization receive, manage, and simplify the acquisition of data from any source system through an extensible and scalable staging area data model, helping you gain the insights you need to make more-informed decisions. The platform also provides out-of-the-box terminology loaders for custom or standard data acquisition, as well as the ability to analyze genome sequencing data.

Data sourcing and acquisition features

  • Interface tables
  • Terminology loaders
  • Omics module

Data flexibility and standardization

The platform offers end-to-end health data management—from data ingestion to self-service analytics. A single, integrated view of the healthcare data warehouse helps your organization simplify the deployment of analytical applications and swiftly visualize key performance indicators and integrated data.

Data management assembly features

  • Healthcare data warehouse
  • Integration loaders
  • Data management
  • Cohort data mart


Meet healthcare analytics demands

Build downstream applications quickly and efficiently with our application toolkit. Enable your business analysts to generate BI applications without spending months on repository design for analytical application development.

Toolkit features

  • Prebuilt tables
  • Common data mart
  • App toolkit loaders


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