Patient accounting

Services must be reimbursed, and charges captured in an accurate and timely manner. Our solution helps your team efficiently manage accounting, contract management, and day-to-day practice management operations. With consistent, streamlined back-office workflows across venues of care that extend the possibilities of your clinically driven revenue cycle.

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Patient accounting

Transform your revenue cycle with Oracle Health RevElate Patient Accounting. Our EHR-agnostic solution helps you optimize financial outcomes with clinically integrated, cloud-enabled billing workflows that provide automation and extensibility.

With RevElate Patient Accounting you can

  • Limit workflow redundancies, using dynamically connected workflows and analytics to help optimize efficiencies
  • Prioritize and collect on outstanding accounts receivable with embedded business rules to identify and assign work efficiently
  • Establish an open and extensible framework to support workflows that flow across Oracle Health solutions, third-party technologies, and organizations at scale
  • Help improve compliance and maximize reimbursements with embedded payer rules

RevElate Patient Accounting brings together a unified view of clinical and financial information to give you enhanced visibility into patient activity and accounts. The solution tracks payments from patients and health insurance payers to drive accurate billing by helping users understand expected reimbursements and remaining balances.

Our flexible data model empowers you to manage your business seamlessly across acute and ambulatory settings. With this adaptability, RevElate Patient Accounting supports the diverse needs of healthcare providers, fostering an agile and responsive operational environment.

Through automated linking, we seamlessly connect clinical encounters with billing processes so clinicians can focus on treating patients. Automated charge grouping and splitting rules optimize the creation of accurate claims, providing near real-time billing solutions for healthcare organizations.

Adding to the efficiency, we incorporate embedded payer rules that continually calculate expected reimbursement. These rules begin editing potential claims from the first charge posted, optimizing the reimbursement process and helping reduce the risk of errors.

RevElate Patient Accounting also provides embedded contract management tools as an intuitive way to build out complex production and model contracts to actively manage reimbursement and financial impacts according to payer term agreements.

Oracle Health Contract Management workflows enable you to

  • Monitor patient services, calculate the expected reimbursement as charges are posted to the patient encounter, and identify payment variances
  • Manage the lifecycle of a reimbursement contract
  • Leverage a variety of reimbursement calculations and claim qualifying types
  • Reprice historical claims in near real time and post them back to a patient account
  • Apply payer requirements for the aggregation and segregation of services without user intervention
  • Support bundled and global payments and value-based purchasing, as well as other healthcare payment reform initiatives
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Ambulatory practice management

Oracle Health Specialty Practice Management is designed to connect with the Oracle Health EHR so users can navigate between the various aspects of practice management—including scheduling, registration, patient tracking, patient accounting, patient engagement, and reporting—all within a single application.

The more efficient we can make healthcare, the better we can focus our resources on serving our patients every day. We believe the next generation of Oracle patient accounting, [Oracle Health RevElate Patient Accounting], is an important step in that goal.

Lynda Gorken Vice President, Patient Financial Services, BayCare Health System

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