Cardiology EHR solutions for healthcare providers

Your cardiology clinicians need technology that helps them focus on improving a community’s cardiovascular health. Oracle Health unifies diagnostic and procedural cardiac imaging systems within the cardiology EHR to support informed care and streamlined processes.

Solutions to support streamlined heart care

Drive informed care with a unified health record

When workflows aren’t optimized, clinicians face incomplete information and care delays. Enable your clinical team to make more-informed decisions with an ECG system that unifies your patients’ ambulatory, acute, and ECG records in one system.

Ease the strain on your team

Help drive efficiency and reduce some of the burden on your team with automated processes and closed-loop workflows.

Recognize the value of your team

Recognize the true value of the time clinicians spend on ECGs with features that ensure ECGs complete the reconciliation and charge processes.

View, manage, and report on cardiovascular images in the EHR

Provide your team with the time and information they need to focus on their cardiology patients as they reclaim their heart health.

Tailor care to the individual

Simplify the process for clinicians to make informed care decisions. Provide them with quick access to the patient's medical record so they have the information they need.

Ease the burden on your team

Help drive efficiency with automated processes, closed-loop workflows, and smooth exception processes.

Our cardiology solutions can help you

  • Provide personalized cardiac care

    Encourage informed decision-making by combining diagnostic activities, therapeutic interventions, and follow-up regimens within the EHR.

  • Allow more patient-focused time and attention

    Give your team the time they need to care for their patients with a single login, closed-loop workflows, documentation shortcuts, and automated processes.

  • Realize the value of your cardiology staff’s time

    Help ensure charges are captured by leveraging orders-based workflows, automated charge capture, and smooth reconciliation processes.

  • Transform data into actionable insights

    Improve clinical and operational performance using analytics dashboards that help you optimize departmental processes.

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