Oracle Health Critical Care

Equip your health system to deliver effective, timely care to the most critically ill and injured patients with Oracle Health Critical Care solutions.

Clinical critical care solutions

Oracle Health Critical Care suite Critical care dashboard

Help your critical care team members make quick, confident decisions with the assistance of an ICU solution—the critical care dashboard—that’s integrated into the EHR.

Oracle Health Waveform Management Waveform capabilities

Give clinicians more time to care for their patients. Waveform Management capabilities integrated into the EHR provide clinicians with near real-time views of waveforms, helping streamline their workflow, and enhancing clinical decision-making.

Oracle Health APACHE Outcomes An EHR- agnostic product that provides clinical decision support in the ICU

Empower clinicians with a concurrent decision support and performance management system that’s EHR agnostic and includes risk-adjusted outcome measures, predictive analytics, robust built-in and ad hoc reporting capabilities, and quarterly comparative reporting across the client base.

How Oracle Health Critical Care solutions can help you

  • Patient data integrated into the EHR

    With multiple solutions integrated into the EHR, clinicians can access patient data within their workflow to make informed decisions about each patient’s status and plan of care.

  • Simplified workflows

    With patient data and workflows integrated into the EHR, clinicians have more time to spend on direct patient care.

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