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Oracle Health Emergency Medicine emergency department information system helps emergency department (ED) clinicians document patient care, streamline patient and departmental throughput, and realize appropriate charge capture for facility, injection, and infusion charges. From door to discharge, emergency medicine solutions provide ED clinicians with the information and tools they need to streamline patient care and patient throughput.

Emergency medicine solutions

Simplify charge capture by generating charges from clinical documentation

Support accurate charge capture and streamline the review of facility and professional evaluation and management (E/M) and infusion and injection (I&I) administration charges with our charge capture solutions.

Oracle Health Infusion and Injection Charge Automation for Observation Patients

Accurately bill for infusion, injection, and hydration services during observation and outpatient-in-a-bed visits.

Key benefits of Observation Infusion and Injection Charge Automation

  • Promote accurate infusion stop time documentation by enabling clinicians to indicate if the infusion is continuing when patients are transferred to observation.
  • Simplify I&I administration charge capture for observation by leveraging clinical documentation during a patient's outpatient status.
  • Promote outpatient coder productivity by providing automated charging capabilities to derive I&I administration CPT codes from across the full outpatient encounter.

Facility charge capture

Accurately capture facility, professional, and infusion and injection administration charges for ED and urgent care (UC) patient visits.

Key benefits of our facility charge capture solution

  • Enable accurate, consistent, and compliant billing for facility visit-level charges through the use of ED and UC visit-level algorithms.
  • Simplify I&I administration charge capture by leveraging clinical documentation.
  • Promote outpatient charger productivity with automated charging capabilities to derive I&I administration CPT codes from the ED or UC encounter.

Streamlined documentation enables clinicians to focus more on patient care

Trauma documentation

With emergent event trauma documentation, clinicians can capture documentation during a trauma in a single view, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple views. The enhanced user experience helps clinicians focus more on monitoring patient care and less on documentation. Clinicians can document interventions, medications, assessments, the patient’s body map, and more—all within one view.

Nursing documentation

Nursing documentation within our Oracle Health Emergency Medicine solution is tailored specifically for emergency nurses. The documentation modules help nursing staff quickly and thoroughly complete relevant charting. ED LaunchPoint also gives nurses the tools to efficiently complete activity-based documentation.

Physician documentation

Dynamic documentation promotes patient care by helping ED clinicians automate the creation of physician notes, aggregating care documentation within the patient’s chart, and enabling clinicians to enter relevant information at any point during care delivery using advanced autotext and voice recognition capabilities. Physicians can track the status of their notes—and notes from other physicians—directly from ED LaunchPoint.

Discharge workflow

The discharge workflow helps organizations streamline the discharge process for clinicians by completing the patient education and follow-up processes as part of the workflow and automatically displaying patient education and follow-up information in the physician note.

Quick access to patient information enables clinicians to streamline care

ED LaunchPoint tracking board

ED LaunchPoint provides a clinician-focused view for managing assigned patients and monitoring all patients within the ED. The intuitive tracking board gives ED clinicians a single location to view critical patient information in near real time and facilitate handoffs.

  • Improve ED clinicians’ experience by providing quick and easy access to patient information.
  • Get a summary of all events related to care delivery from the point the patient presents to diagnosis and through to the formulation and execution of a treatment plan and any follow-up care after the patient is ready for transfer or discharge.
  • Receive notifications when triage data, critical notes, throughput milestones, and results are available within ED LaunchPoint.
  • Quickly place orders for medication, laboratory, ECG, consult, patient care, and radiology.
  • Identify challenges that result in a throughput delay.

Results callback

The results callback tool enables clinicians to expedite the follow-up process for discharged patients when their test results become available. It streamlines communication between all the clinicians involved in the follow-up process and generates a comprehensive document that captures and tracks all follow-up steps.

Display near real-time data for the emergency department

Emergency departments can view department-level and zone-level data up front, giving staff quick access to accurate and up-to-date unit metrics.

The ED dashboard

The ED dashboard pushes alerts and sends information to department managers to inform bed management, staffing, and other decisions that ultimately drive throughput and patient satisfaction. For example, you can set up push alerts based on an automatic calculation of your National Emergency Department Overcrowding Scale (NEDOCS) score to help you monitor overcrowding. The dashboard also makes it easy to identify workflow delays.

Operational reports

Operational reports provide streamlined reporting across a single EHR domain, with the ability to customize, localize, and export reports.

ED LaunchPoint was revelatory for our urgent care providers. It is refreshingly easy to use and provides immediate feedback on time to doctor or overall length of stay. It was designed for efficient chart review and quicker evaluations.

Chase Shutak Clinical Informaticist and Primary Care Pediatrician, Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

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