Optimize workflows within the laboratory and support information sharing across your lab network with our full suite of laboratory solutions.

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Laboratory solutions

Oracle Health offers a suite of solutions that target the four key segments of the complex laboratory—anatomic pathology, clinical, molecular diagnostics, and laboratory outreach.

Reporting and tracking

Oracle Health Anatomic Pathology helps you minimize errors by tracking the storage and reporting of information and specimens.

Anatomic Pathology capabilities

  • Track specimens from collection to delivery using our RFID solution.
  • Limit errors using advanced barcode scanning, tracking, and item matching throughout your workflow.
  • Incorporate images into your reporting.
  • Use synoptic worksheets for minimum data set reporting protocols and capture discrete results for each field within the worksheet.

Solutions for your clinical laboratory

Implement efficiencies in your lab. Connect results to the patient journey.

Oracle Health Blood Bank

Help automate your transfusion lab workflow with Oracle Health Blood Bank.

Oracle Health General Laboratory

Use functionalities such as autoverification and validation queues to help automate your Oracle Health General Laboratory workflows.

Oracle Health Microbiology

Streamline the microbiology lab workflow with scripted workup and automatic no-growth reporting capabilities and manage bacteriology, mycobacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and virology specimens.

Manage complex genomic workflows

Leverage the genetic testing intelligence embedded in our cloud-based genomics platform.

Oracle Health Laboratory Sequence

Oracle Health Laboratory Sequence embeds the complex decision points within the genetic testing workflow and helps users process their workloads.

Lab Sequence helps you

  • Manage samples from orders to final reports
  • Capture steps and information for multiple order batches
  • Define and perform custom calculations

Manage your laboratory outreach business

Manage your logistics, client services, supply distribution, and phlebotomy departments through our Oracle Health Laboratory Outreach solution, which integrates lab outreach functions to provide a single source of operational data.

Simplify courier logistics

With our outreach mobile application, you can provide couriers with an electronic route sheet to document activities performed and problems encountered at each stop.

Manage your supply warehouses

Track the use of supplies provided to outreach clients and manage your laboratory’s supply inventory with supply management tools.

Service your call center clients

Document, assign, and track the details of inbound client requests and outbound client calls.

Refine phlebotomy operations

Track standing orders for outreach collections and assign your phlebotomists’ daily draw schedules. Generate requisitions, collection lists, and expiring order renewal letters.


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