Oncology EHR solutions for healthcare providers

Provide clinicians with the right technology to support patients during one of the most emotional and trying times of their lives—their fight against cancer. Oracle Health Oncology integrated electronic health record (EHR) solutions can help you drive efficiency, strengthen collaboration, and empower informed clinical decisions.

Oncology EHR solutions to support cancer care

Build oncology EHR workflows

Fragmented workflows can leave clinicians with incomplete information, resulting in care delays. Having a solution that unifies your patient's ambulatory, acute, and oncology records can help clinicians make knowledge-based decisions and provide timely care.

A unified patient health record

Unify oncology care information with the patient’s overall health record. Provide specialists involved in patient care with access to contribute to the patient’s holistic medical data, and empower them to make informed care decisions.

Connected workflows

Drive efficiency across departments and reduce the operational burden on teams with connected workflows and automated processes.

Improve the patient experience

Place patients at the center of care and enhance communication between clinicians and patients with advanced care planning tools.

Build a more comprehensive patient story

Guide patients through treatment, symptom management, and survivorship care by leveraging their health data.

Customize treatment education

Help educate patients about lifelong care through automated treatment and survivorship guidance.

Streamline the cellular transplant workflow

Patients with blood cancer need the best possible care and cellular therapy options to overcome their diagnosis. Provide clinicians with connected transplant management tools to support patients in the fight against cancer.

Simplify day-to-day operations

Manage scheduling and follow-ups for donors and recipients throughout the phases of care with oncology EHR-embedded workflows.

Meet regulatory obligations

Streamline regulatory processes to help reduce the time it takes to collect and submit outcomes data.

Learn how Oracle Health Oncology solutions can help you

  • Inspire patient confidence in care

    Connect care venues and simplify coordination between care teams and patients.

  • Drive clinical and operational efficiency

    Reduce the operational burden on teams—ease care team communication, optimize patient throughput, and streamline the chemotherapy ordering process.

  • Place patients at the center of care

    Make informed care decisions with evidence-based content, nurse navigator workflows, clinical decision support, and personalized care planning tools.

  • Turn insights into action

    Gather impactful insights into performance and areas of opportunity using Oncology analytics and reporting dashboards.

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