Get Cloud Savvy: Free Online Training for OPERA and Simphony

Aaron Stallings, Senior Director of Hotel Consulting, North America

While catering to guests is temporarily on hold at many hotel properties, the current business slowdown provides an otherwise unavailable window to explore new learning opportunities and brush up on skills.

To help existing customers capitalize on this opportunity, Oracle Hospitality is offering complimentary access to an array of OPERA (PDF) and Simphony E-Learning packages designed to better educate and train OPERA and Simphony users.

These online courses allow staff to learn at their pace, providing comprehensive guidance on required training that corresponds with our consultants’ lessons.

The following online curriculum is now available:

  • OPERA 5 Property Management – Provides hoteliers with interactive training based on functionality commonly used across the industry. (Available in English, Spanish and Japanese; 90-day trial)
  • OPERA 5 Sales and Catering – Offers interactive training experiences for seasoned and new sales staff. (Available in English only; 90-day trial)
  • OPERA Reporting and Analytics – Enables staff to use this next-generation reporting solution to its full potential. (Available in English only; 90-day trial)
  • OPERA Cloud Property Management – Offers interactive training experiences on key capabilities. (Available in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese; for existing/future OPERA Cloud customers)
  • OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management – Allows event-focused customers to learn how to create, manage and maintain event operations within OPERA. (Available in English only; for existing/future OPERA Cloud customers)
  • Oracle MICROS Simphony – Designed primarily for system administrators and site configuration managers to learn about Simphony point of sale.

Enrollment is simple and there is no additional cost for access, which is available to an unlimited number of users.

The online offerings provide a variety of benefits:

  • The courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime, with an internet connection.
  • Lessons are interactive, allowing participants to engage in and explore a variety of topics.
  • “Learn by Role” option enables learning of skills and knowledge pertinent to specific positions.
  • Flexible training format accommodates a variety of learning styles and allows participants to progress at their own pace.
  • OPERA V5 customers can use this opportunity to learn about next-generation OPERA Cloud.
  • Simphony E-Learning helps teams optimize off-premise user experience and internal operations to increase delivery and takeout volume.

Existg customers can enroll in online training by simply clicking the Early Access Program link (PDF). An email with login details will be sent the next business day. For additional information, please contact