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Oracle University Offers

Free Introductory SaaS Training designed to help you learn the essentials about Oracle Cloud SaaS applications and
Advanced Learning and Certification for those looking for in-depth training to build and master specific SaaS, PaaS and IaaS skill sets.

Free Introductory SaaS Training

High-quality, free, on-demand introductory training to help start the learning process and get the maximum value from your investment in Oracle Cloud SaaS applications. With 3 distinct programs, you have the flexibility to quickly engage in introductory training to learn the essentials in the manner that best suits you.

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Advanced Learning and Certification

For those who need in-depth training to build and master specific cloud skill sets covering the full range of Oracle Cloud capabilities, or to stay up-to-date with your quickly evolving cloud applications, we have a number of advanced learning and certification options.

Select the Way You Want to Learn

  • Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions

    24/7 access to comprehensive sets of digital training videos with labs and certification exams.

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  • Training Courses

    In-depth training on a particular subject for a specific cloud application.

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  • Guided Learning

    Step-by-step assistance while working in your application with the ability to customize process flows.

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  • User Adoption Services

    Customized education strategy aligned with your Implementation Plan to ensure Oracle Cloud success.

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  • Certification

    Industry recognized credentials.

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