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Things to Know Prior to Joining Oracle PartnerNetwork

Enrollment in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is done in the Oracle Partner Store. In the enrollment application you'll provide information about your company, execute the OPN Membership Terms, and pay the annual membership fee, including applicable taxes. You also can enroll in one or more tracks giving you access to targeted Enablers that will help you accelerate your growth based on how you go-to-market. Learn more about tracks.

Before starting this process, please make sure you're authorized to submit the enrollment on behalf of your company. You will be identified as your company's Partner Administrator and will act as the primary contact in the relationship with Oracle.

We also recommend reviewing the following documents prior to enrollment:

Here's what to expect when you enroll:

  1. Access the OPN Enrollment Application from Oracle Partner Store (you will be asked to create an Oracle Account if you don't already have one).
  2. Complete the company registration form (you will need your company tax ID information and registered address).
  3. Identify your company's key contacts. As you plan and grow your business with Oracle, we can enhance your experience with specific guidance for you and your company's key contacts. Below is a description of each type of contact.

    Business Development Contact: This individual will make business decisions about your company’s relationship with Oracle, including your partnership planning. It may be your CEO/Owner or the Leader of a business unit that will focus on your Oracle-related business. They will be informed of ongoing partnership opportunities to help drive mutual success.

    Marketing Outreach Contact: The Marketing contact will be responsible for determining market development plans, campaigns, and messaging for your Oracle-based solution or services. They will be informed of the best practices to make use of Oracle's marketing tools and resources, as well as updates and enhancements to Oracle messaging.

    Sales Engagement Contact: This individual will be responsible for developing your company's sales strategies, focusing on collaboration to achieve successful customer wins with Oracle. They will be informed of Oracle's sales tools, strategic sales plays and other resources that can enhance your company's competitiveness with your Oracle-based solution or services.

    Technical Development and Training Contacts: These individuals will make technology decisions as your company determines how your solution will incorporate Oracle products and services (i.e., your CTO). They will assess your company’s technical readiness and staff competency, ensuring your company takes full advantage of training available through your OPN membership. They will be informed on matters that impact technology architecture and integration, roadmaps, and technical training.

    Alternate Partner Administrator: You may want to add another individual who can be contacted and can participate in managing and overseeing the functional interactions your company will have with Oracle.
  4. Select a 'Membership Type'
    • Principal: Typically, a company's headquarter entity, has the central role of executing all agreements, selecting and paying for tracks, approving Associates, as well as managing Enablers and Expertise
    • Associate: Wholly or majority owned subsidiary of the Principal, accepted into OPN subject pursuant to the Principal's OPN Agreement. (NOTE: If enrolling as an Associate, the Principal company must be an active OPN member before you enroll since the contractual terms of the OPN Agreement will be signed by the Principal company.
  5. Complete a short company questionnaire. You'll be asked to provide information to identify your company structure, the potential existence of conflicts of interest, and/or compliance with US and other applicable local laws.
  6. Enroll in one or more tracks to get empowered with tools, resources and Enablers that align to your business model. This is an optional step but highly recommended. If you decide not to enroll in a track at this time you may enroll at a later date, however, each track enrollment period ends with the same OPN Membership term in which it was activated (track fees are not prorated). In order to fully leverage your Benefits and Enablers, it is recommended that your track enrollments coincide with your OPN Membership term.
  7. Review the Oracle PartnerNetwork Policies document that outlines all of the specific entitlements applicable to your membership in OPN and accept the terms of the OPN Agreement (available inside the enrollment application).
  8. Submit payment for the OPN Member fee of $500 USD plus tax. If you elect to enroll in tracks, each track is $3,000 USD plus tax.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The primary form of payment for Oracle PartnerNetwork membership & track subscription is Credit Card and activation is within 24 hours. In situations where Oracle cannot accept the Credit Card payments (i.e. that option is not available in your country), you can pay via Wire or Purchase Order. Do keep in mind that Wire and/or Purchase Order payments WILL take up to 15 business days to process so please plan accordingly. Additionally, please make sure your bank will accept your "Bill To" address and don't forget to include any bank fees required by your bank, so everything is covered when you submit your payment.
  9. Submit your application. When your OPN Membership has been approved, you'll receive an email notification. Remember - your membership won't be activated until full payment of fees is received by Oracle. Additionally, you will not be able to access benefits such as the OPN Expertise Dashboard and training in the OPN Competency Center until payment is received.

    We highly recommend you leverage the "Estimated Invoice" email notification that is automatically sent to the individual that submits your membership (and Track) enrollment. It provides all the necessary bank details and estimated fees due so you can submit payment and activate your membership asap!

We're thrilled that you're joining us and look forward to a successful partnership.